Finding Fulfilment Through Helping Others

               By Hu Wen, Indonesia
               In June 2013 I was invited to help at an introductory event at Jakarta Bodhi Meditation Center. I knew that their meditation practices could assist people in regaining health and happiness, but I had no idea of specifics. Through helping out, I developed a keen interest in meditation.

Significant Gains


            Starting early in 2013, I was plagued by frequent headaches which required me to take painkillers. Living a nocturnal lifestyle, I showered late, got into bed with wet hair, and then played with my tablet until the wee hours. In mid-September 2013, I attended the Bodhi Meditation 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat in Singapore. On the sixth day I became headache-free, and have remained so ever since. Painkillers are a part of my past. Occasionally, when I lack sleep, there is discomfort in my head, but it’s minor.

            In the past, my temperament was impetuous and impatient. There was friction in my relationship with my mother. During the retreat, Grandmaster JinBodhi’s compassion softened my heart. Through listening to his dharma teachings, I came to understand how to be kind, and how to express love and warmth to others. I became gentler and more patient in my interactions with family and friends. Now when my mother and I disagree, or when she expresses criticism of me, I remain calm and respectful.


Inspired to Help


          After returning from the retreat in Singapore, I joined the volunteer team at Jakarta Bodhi Meditation Center. The center was rapidly growing and thus the work was intense, with many responsibilities. Though the days were hectic, I enjoyed the work tremendously.

          I had long been an introverted person. When I started volunteering, I was too shy to approach people for help when I encountered challenges. Thus, I recited Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Golden Words daily which boosted my self-confidence to the extent that I could speak in front of a group of people. As an added surprise bonus, I am starting to gain a good grasp of Mandarin.

          I’ve witnessed a lot of people regain their health and happiness and bid goodbye to illness and pain. Their transformations give me the determination to share Grandmaster JinBodhi’s meditation practices and dharma teachings with fellow Indonesians. Helping others gives meaning to my life.

         The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.


           The most precious gifts parents can give their children are unconditional love, trust, merits, and the wisdom to live a life of compassion.

                                                      —Master Jinbodhi