Strengthening Willpower to Fulfil a Dream

          By Li Xu, Toronto

         Pursuing a dream is usually easier said than done. For many who have not decided what they want to achieve in life, there is a sense of loss. For those who do have a dream or goal, the road to achieving it is long, challenging, and full of the unexpected. How do we set ourselves a worthy aspiration and stay motivated to achieve it? Having inspiring teachers, mentors and supporters to walk with us on our journey can make all the difference.


Happy Surprises


      It was with great reluctance that I signed up for the International Youth Camp organized by Bodhi Meditation in July 2017, at my mother’s urging. My initial thought was that it would be boring to attend a camp organized by a meditation center. How wrong I was. The 12 days were full of surprises and inspiration. In light of what I learned, my dream of being a doctor seemed more achievable. My goals expanded to include offering my help to improve the lives of the poor in Myanmar.

        On the first day of the camp I had the opportunity to befriend many warm and friendly campmates from many countries who are now my best friends.

         We received teachings which were profound and interesting. Meaningful discussions were sparked, and the attendees were moved to share their private thoughts. During breaks, we sang songs, meditated, walked Energy Bagua, and helped with the cleaning of the center. Outdoor time was full of fun activities and laughter, impromptu games of tag and carefree splashing around in the water. In the evenings we had get-togethers. Every day brought opportunities to strengthen newfound friendships.


Destiny in My Hands


         My father passed away four years ago. I was devastated and could not accept the fact that doctors in Canada and Taiwan had been unable to come up with a diagnosis. I made a promise to my father that I would study hard in order to one day discover the cause of his illness, and to become a top-notch doctor capable of helping many people. I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform academically, as I feared disappointing him. There were times when I felt I’d lost the meaning and purpose of life.

         The theme for this camp was “Destiny In My Hands.” Grandmaster JinBodhi and several teachers shared with us the importance of striving for goals. Once, Master shared a story about a young girl who aspired to be a doctor after her mother died of cancer. She wanted to discover a cure for it. His words captured my aspirations and gave me peace.


Compassion in Motion


          During the course, Master shared with us the challenges that children in Myanmar face. Looking at pictures of their dilapidated classrooms, my heart went out to them.

          I want to help these poverty-stricken children. As I learned more about the struggles of the people in Myanmar, my dream of being a doctor expanded to include medical missions to help the disenfranchised.

       Back in Canada after the camp, I decided to start saving for a year so that the following year I would have the financial means to travel to Myanmar during my school break. I’ve learned to put compassion in motion.

         This was my most memorable camp. My deepest gratitude to Master for helping me clarify my life’s purpose and strengthen my willpower so that I may realize my cherished dream.

         The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.