Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Treasure Cove Dragon-Head Handle Brass Teapot


         This Tibetan brass teapot was produced in the early 20th century. Standing at 29.5 centimeters tall, its delicate look exudes simplicity. Engraved images of an auspicious dragon feature on this teapot’s handle and petals of the lotus flower form its lid and base. An ornamented chain is fastened from the handle to the lid. Fine engravings of clouds evoke serene visions of the dragon soaring through the vast skies.

         Brass teapots have been used since time immemorial. Boiling water in a brass teapot helps to sterilize and soften up the water. Tea brewed with soft water yields a deep, warming sweetness and helps to replenish the store of copper needed by the body for optimal health.