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Homegrown Singaporean Cuisine


         Shiok Singapore Kitchen, located at Menlo Park in California, offers a selection of authentic Singaporean food in a casual and friendly environment. Our chefs hail from different parts of the world and cater to a wide variety of palates. We trust you will delight in our flavorful home-style dishes and have a great experience each and every time you dine with us.

California, USA | Shiok Singapore Kitchen
Tel +1 650 838 9448 |


A New Life, A New Freedom


        For a person who requires mobility assistance, having a wheelchair tailored to their individual needs has a profound impact on enjoyment of life. Our commitment is to supply the most comfortable, high-quality wheelchairs for our customers based on their needs and budget. Providing excellent services with integrity is our mandate. We strive to gain the trust of those we serve.

Malaysia | Ecolife Medicare
Tel +60 01 7213 6877 |

Trendy Fashion

           Giselle Fashion offers a vast collection of designer garments including polo shirts, t-shirts, long and short pants, and sweaters for men, women and children. Located in Selangor, Malaysia, Giselle manufactures and exports clothing to Singapore and Brunei. We provide quality clothing in the latest styles for thousands of satisfied customers.

Malaysia Giselle Fashion
Tel +60 01 2621 2161


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