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A Chance Encounter,an Unexpected Recovery

          by Sheila & Hammond, Vancouver

          On May 31, 2017, Grandmaster JinBodhi visited Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Center and took the opportunity to chat with everyone. The place was abuzz with excitement; everyone was exhilarated. Our chance encounter with Grandmaster JinBodhi brought about an unexpected new lease on life for us.


Sheila’s Journey


           My husband and I are from Fiji, and now live in Canada. Two years ago, I began to feel great discomfort in my knees; my muscles and joints were aching unbearably. Doctors diagnosed me with Parkinson’s disease. I began visiting the hospital on a frequent basis to get treatment. Despite the medication and rehabilitation exercises, the trembling of my left leg worsened by the day. The doctor advised me to use a walking cane. Soon, the trembling became so severe that I couldn’t work and had to request early retirement. Unsurprisingly, struggling with an incurable disease made me depressed. I lost my appetite and will to live.

            My daughter-in-law suggested that my husband and I find out more about Bodhi Meditation. Never did we expect to be so fortunate as to encounter Grandmaster JinBodhi on our first visit to the center.

           Grandmaster JinBodhi was chatting with a group when he noticed us. He walked toward me and said, Madam, you seem to be suffering from some ailments. Perhaps you could take a few steps for me.” I dragged my wobbly legs, and with all the energy I could muster I took a few steps, barely lifting my feet off the floor. Grandmaster JinBodhi immediately gave me an energy blessing. Right after, the stress and tension in me dissipated, and shockingly, I felt greater strength in my legs. Grandmaster JinBodhi advised my husband and me to take up Energy Bagua and appointed a teacher to guide us in the walking meditation for an hour every day.



          The initial two days of practice were extremely tough. I had to take a break every few minutes to let the pain subside. However, with each passing day, I was able to practice longer, building up to 30 minutes. Amazingly, on the fifth day, I could walk without my canes. By the 20th day, I was able to complete a continuous hour of Energy Bagua.

          At the age of 64, I am fortunate that the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease have waned. It is shocking to those who meet me that I once struggled with an incurable disease.


Hammond’s Journey


          In 2014 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Soon, my pressure spiked as high as 175 mmHg. (Note: A healthy blood pressure reading for an adult is below 120 mmHg for systolic and 80 mmHg for diastolic.) I ended up suffering the trauma of a stroke.

          A second stroke hit me in 2016, deteriorating my health drastically. I had problems with control and coordination of my muscles, as well as balance. Even with the aid of a cane 
I was unable to walk in a straight line. To make matters worse, my doctor discovered a three-centimeter growth on my left shoulder and told me amputation was a possibility.

          With my wife and I both suffering ill-health, sadness replaced the smiles on our faces. Our home became dusty and messy, as we were listless and lacked the physical strength to keep it neat and clean.

          When we were at our wits end and had given up wishing for any miracles, the unexpected meeting with Grandmaster JinBodhi and the outcome of his blessing on my wife reignited the hope and optimism in both of us.

           Like my wife, my legs would not move as I wanted when I began my Energy Bagua practice. More time was spent resting and recovering from the pain than actual walking. Even so, I was surprised to find that my complexion looked much better after practicing Energy Bagua. My body was slowly but surely improving after every single practice. About 20 days into my new program, my blood pressure dropped to 135 mmHg. A month later at the hospital for a follow-up examination of my shoulder, the scan showed no tumor.


A Happy, Healthy Couple


           Hammond and I are enthusiastically continuing our daily Energy Bagua practice. The trembling of my legs is more controlled. I feel free of the stress that once weighed upon me. Hammond is able to walk normally and can even drive. Thanks to our resurgence of energy, our house is in its original neat and tidy state. We go for a daily stroll and visit our grandson regularly. We have resumed the activities we’ve always enjoyed and our new life is filled with happiness

          The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.



Meditation & Health No 21 - Table of Contents