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The Energy of Home Appliances

              By Nary Chea & Mike

Many appliances have become ubiquitous in the home. 
If placed in accordance with feng shui wisdom, their energy 
can boost auspiciousness for the home’s inhabitants.



The Five Elements and Bagua

         The Five Elements is an ancient Chinese view on the cosmic system widely applied in Chinese medicine, philosophy, military matters, feng shui, numerology, physiognomy, divination, etc. According to this theory, each one of us has a predominant energy characterized by either wood, fire, earth, metal, or water.

         Bagua is an ancient Chinese methodology which involves viewing the fundamental principles of reality as corresponding with eight directions as well as eight types of energy. With respect to feng shui, the eight directions within our home correspond directly with a family member; for example, the northwestern orientation represents the male host while the southwestern orientation represents the female host, as depicted in the picture on the right.

TV Feng Shui

         The TV is seen as fire in the Five Elements theory. When the TV is turned on, it generates energy that fires up the room. When there is excessive fire, there is a tendency to become irritable and lose one’s temper easily, especially for those who are easily influenced by the fire element.

Accumulate the energy of cohesiveness and warmth

           It is best to place the TV in a well-ventilated location to dissipate the fire energy. The air circulation in a living room is usually adequate to dispel the intensity. As well, this room is a key gathering place. When family members and friends gather around to watch a program or socialize, there is a feeling of cohesiveness that corresponds to the warm energy represented by the TV.

          The bedroom, on the other hand, is a place requiring peace and stability. So if the TV is placed in the bedroom, the illumination and electromagnetic energy emitted by it would negatively affect the calmness and tranquil energy required in a place of rest.
         Moreover, if each family member goes to their respective bedroom to watch TV, there is less family bonding and the warmth is dissolved.

TV in the bedroom

           If you must have a TV in the bedroom, place some crystals around the room to quell the electromagnetic stress. It is not advisable to place a TV directly facing the bed. Feng shui tells us that when a mirror faces the bed, it adversely affects the health of the occupant, and the TV screen has a mirror effect when turned off. If such a placement is unavoidable, it is best to cover the screen with a nice piece of cloth when not in use.


Computer Feng Shui

          Computers and mobile phones emit heat and are considered fire elements. Fire makes one feel agitated and overworked. But the advantage of this element is that it will enhance one’s motivation. How can we balance the excessive fire? Incorporate the water element. For instance, place a glass of water or a crystal beside the computer. Alternatively, hang a painting of a glacier or an ocean. Metal also diminishes fire. Hanging a copper wall clock, for example, can resolve the excessive fire element generated by the computer.

         The screensavers of the computer and mobile phones can also impact feng shui. One way of balancing energy is to set an image of the required element as the screensaver. For instance, if water is required, the screensaver can be one that is related to it in form or color; if earth is lacking, images of mountains can be chosen.


Air-Conditioner Feng Shui


           During the summer months or in tropical climates, air-conditioners are typical features of the home. Like other appliances, air-conditioners influence a room’s feng shui.


Avoid installing the air-conditioner overhead


            Avoid installing air-conditioners directly above the bed or places where one sits, such as the sofa, dining table or study table.


Redirect air outlet


            Long-term direct exposure to an air-conditioner could result in health problems. Redirect the air outlet to blow upwards and let the cooled air sink from the ceiling.


Regular cleaning


            If air-conditioning systems are not maintained, dust and bacteria will accumulate and your air-conditioner will become the source of indoor air pollution. Not only does the contaminated air harm the body, it is also damaging to the home’s energy field. Therefore, it is necessary to do a thorough cleaning of the air-conditioner regularly to ensure that the room has good air circulation. Clean air brings good fortune.



Refrigerator Feng Shui


           The refrigerator represents the metal element, while the kitchen is a place of abundant fire. The presence of metal in the kitchen balances the fire.

           As refrigerators are used for storing food, they represent the treasury, so they are ideally placed in the direction which corresponds with the head of the family: If the head of the family is a man, the refrigerator should be placed in the northwestern corner of the kitchen; if the leader is a woman, the refrigerator should be located in the southwestern corner.

              The refrigerator should also be placed in a convenient location for easy access, signifying ease of retrieving treasures. The top of the refrigerator must be kept clean and uncluttered. The food inside the refrigerator must be regularly cleared, not only for health, but because a fridge full of fresh items helps to maintain the family fortune.

Refrigerator Feng Shui

              The water element is deemed wealth in feng shui. Thus, water dispensers represent wealth and fortune. The male host’s wealth may improve if the water dispenser is placed on the northwestern side of the kitchen. If it is placed in the southwestern section, the female host’s wealth may get a boost.

             The water dispenser should not face the entrance of the home or the balcony of the living room, as this would suggest water flowing outwards and therefore signify family members spending money like flowing water.

             Clean water is not only essential for good fortune, it is also important for health. There is usually more dust accumulation at entrances and in corridors. A water dispenser could become a breeding ground for bacteria if located in these areas. Clean the area in the kitchen where the water dispenser is placed and wipe the machine to maintain hygiene.


In With the New

            If the home is stacked with obsolete or unused appliances, the ability to accumulate fortune is negatively affected. From the perspective of feng shui, an uncluttered space represents a person’s state of mind and tolerance. Only with adequate space can we be broadminded enough to accommodate wealth.

             The energy and magnetic field emitted by broken appliances has a negative effect on the health of the home’s occupants. Damaged appliances should be removed immediately and taken to recycling agencies.Placing home appliances in accordance with ancient principles can encourage healthy energy and blessings. But the essence of true feng shui is compassion, which is the strong foundation of good fortune.


Meditation & Health No 21 - Table of Contents