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Recommended Just for You

          Whether you are looking for a comfortable stay for your getaway to enjoy Nature and rejuvenate your health, or seeking services that thoroughly clean or decorate your home, or wishing to develop new skills, here are some thoughtful picks specially recommended for you.


Connect With Nature


           Kuan Wellness Eco Park is a popular eco-tourism destination located at Tanjung Sepat. As you stroll around five acres surrounded by palm oil plantations and tropical fruit farms, let your worries melt away. Connect with Nature by viewing swiftlets in their natural habitat. For hungry visitors, healthy gourmet fare awaits.


Kuan Wellness Eco Park 
Sdn Bhd



Fresh Air of the Highlands


          Enjoy a tranquil, comfortable stay at The Grand Haven. Bask in the glow of sunrise and sunset on your balcony as you take in a mountain view. The surrounding vicinity consists of the Cactus Valley, the Rose Garden, a butterfly farm, a tea plantation, a strawberry farm, a cactus farm, and a beautiful golf course in Cameron Highlands.


The Grand Haven



Wellness Through Chinese Martial Arts


            Wujitang, a traditional Chinese martial arts school in Greater Vancouver, was founded in 2009 by China-Canada Traditional Martial Arts Institute. It offers classes in various disciplines including tai chi, xing yi quan, baguazhang, yiquan, and yijin jing. In addition to training students in self-defense, these programs seek to promote health, boost fitness, and develop self-confidence.


Wujitang Martial Arts Institute 



Professional Digital Printing


            Established in 1999, J & A Imaging Station provides high-quality digital printing, large-format inkjet printing, and digital indoor duratrans for your advertising and branding display needs. The first in Asia to use the Durst Rho P10 320R UV Inkjet Digital Roll Printer, we regularly invest in our facilities to produce superb work and timely delivery.

Malaysia | J & A Imaging Station Sdn Bhd




             We provide quality, well-priced cleaning services for thousands of satisfied customers. Using a top line of powerful cleaning machines, we provide professional services which include high-pressure steam for carpets & upholstery, high-pressure window cleaning, air purification & odor control, and heating system maintenance.

Canada | C.J. Carpet and Home Cleaning

Tel +1 778 855 3666


Clear Vision Solutions


            Our team of professional optometrists and opticians is well qualified to conduct a thorough review of your vision health and prescribe the optical correction best suited to your needs. We specialize in contact lens prescriptions and eye care products and services. It is our pleasure to help the world see clearly.

Singapore | Foresight Contact Lens Optics Centre

Tel +65 6353 3438


Healthy Water


            Chanson Water Canada is a provider of water-ionizing equipment. Ionized alkaline water gives the body improved levels of hydration and more balanced blood pH levels. Other benefits of drinking ionized water include soothing acid reflux, anti-aging, and weight loss.

Canada | Chanson Water Canada

Tel +1 888 666 0837




A Taste of Organics


           BMS Organics is a chain of organic shops and health-conscious vegetarian cafés serving both Malaysia and Shanghai. BMS Organics supports holistic living and peace of mind. The shops carry a range of organic products certified by many local and international regulatory bodies.

Malaysia | BMS Organics


Cutting-Edge Technologies


           We provide automation for industries including hard-disk manufacturing, solar systems manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, semi-conductor manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, and more. We are equipped with cutting-edge technologies to satisfy the needs of our customers. 

Singapore | KA Industrial Engineering Pte Ltd


The Playground Is Our World


           We are a manufacturer and leading supplier of innovative plastic materials. Our playground and recreational outdoor materials are lightweight yet super-strong, long-lasting, and weather- and mold-resistant. Available in eye-catching colors, and safe for children of all ages.

Malaysia | Natty Team Marketing Sdn Bhd

Tel +60 01 9241 3717


Alternative Fuels for Vehicles


             CSA Group specializes in standards-based solutions for alternative energy products. Compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid propane gas (LPG) are environmentally responsible and affordable choices for all types of vehicles. CSA Group offers complete CNG & LPG vehicle systems and component testing, providing the high-pressure tests required by national and international CNG component standards.

Canada | AFS Systems

Tel +1 778 288 6632



A Bright Future


            Brighton College is a designated institution of PTIB (Private Training Institutions Branch) and has also earned the BC EQA (British Columbia Education Quality Assurance) designation. Our programs and instruction meet standards of quality, offering students the opportunity to develop professional skills needed in the workplace.


Brighton College

Our gratitude to our kind sponsors.


Industrial Equipment Importer


           Ram International has been one of Western Canada’s leading importers of industrial equipment in the areas of welding, automotive, and construction for more than 30 years. We pride ourselves on supplying our large base of satisfied customers with the highest-quality products at fair prices.


Ram International Enterprise Ltd


Cosmetology Training


             We are an accredited training center offering a positive environment and passionate teachers to students who wish to become experts in nail & makeup artistry, beauty therapy, and hairdressing & styling. We are committed to training our students to exceed industry standards. All our graduates earn the Malaysian Skills Certificate.


Y Snow Beauty Academy



Meditation & Health No 21 - Table of Contents