Meditation & Health No 21 - Table of Contents


A Renewed Life

         By Cang Dai & Nian Qu, Taiwan

         Seventy-year-old Cang Dai is the mother-in-law of Nian Qu. Their journey of overcoming poor health is a joyful one.


Mother-in-Law’s Story


        I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in July 2014. I tired easily and my hand trembled so badly I couldn’t brush my teeth. My shoulder and face also twitched. A year of taking medication did not prompt any improvements in my condition.

       The disease not only tortured me physically, it also created mental and emotional upheaval. Fear and depression were constants in my life. I had no appetite and lost seven kilograms within a year. I became a recluse, refusing to attend gatherings or take calls.

        Fortunately, in March 2016, through my sister’s introduction, I joined the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat at New Taipei Haishan Bodhi Meditation Center. During the retreat, I realized the tremors in my hands had stopped. My mobility also improved. On the last day of the retreat, I shared my meditation journey with fellow practitioners and demonstrated my newfound mobility. At a subsequent medical checkup, my doctor was surprised by my progress and reduced my medication to only one pill a day.

        Thereafter, through attending a few more Health & Happiness Retreats, I continued to feel better. I started practicing Energy Bagua. The energy derived from this walking meditation made me feel physically very comfortable and relaxed.

        More than a year has passed since I began walking Energy Bagua. My stronger legs enable me to walk steadily. With my posture and balance restored, I’ve resumed being my cheerful self. I’ve started to meet up with friends again, feeling blessed and happy every day.




Daughter-in-Law’s Story


        In 2008, I married and moved to Taipei. After giving birth, I noticed my eyesight started to deteriorate. I had blurry vision and my eyes were itchy. I also developed digestive problems. After every meal, I experienced such bloating that I looked five months pregnant. Having come from Indonesia, I thought perhaps I was reacting to the Taiwanese dietary habits and environment. To compound my woes, I was tormented by daily headaches. In addition, I needed analgesic patches to relieve other bodily pain. After consulting several specialists and trying different medications, my health failed to improve.

         In February 2016, my face suddenly became overly sensitive. I tried both external and oral medication to relieve the itchiness. Not only were they ineffective, my skin condition worsened. Embarrassed by the visible irritation on my face, I avoided going out of the house. My ill-health caused my spirits to plummet. My temper became fiery, and I often scolded my husband and children.

         Hope arrived when I witnessed my mother-in-law’s transformation: She went from being a depressed and reclusive sufferer to an outgoing and joyful person after attending the retreats at Bodhi Meditation Center. I was deeply moved by her physical recovery, overjoyed that her tremors ceased and mobility improved. In May 2016, full of hope, I attended a Bodhi Meditation Chanting Retreat with her.

         While chanting, tears flowed freely each time I heard Grandmaster JinBodhi’s compassionate, calming voice. I noticed my vision gradually becoming clearer, my eyes brighter, and they no longer itched. The condition of my skin also showed improvement. By the end of the retreat, my face was smoother and free of itchiness. Adding to my joy, my headaches and pains had been alleviated.

         Four months later, I attended the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat with my mother-in-law. The frequent bloating I’d experienced mostly stopped, happening only once in a while. My temper changed for the better. I am gentle when communicating with my husband and children. In gratitude, I now volunteer at the meditation center.


Continuing Happiness


         Every morning we meet to walk an hour of Energy Bagua followed by practicing The Meditation of Greater Illumination. Our family members are also partaking in the practices. We all feel very happy and blessed. 



Meditation & Health No 21 - Table of Contents