Meditation & Health No 21 - Table of Contents


There Is Hope for Recovery

          Zhou Shen, Malaysia

          Zhou Shen had been a sufferer of Parkinson’s disease for a decade. Her recovery and her hope to race in a marathon made her an admired figure among the practitioners at Klang Dragon Spring Bodhi Meditation Center. It was hard to imagine that she was once a victim of chronic disease.


No Purpose in Living


        The disease left me weak and affected me severely in many ways. Going to the bathroom was difficult without getting help from my husband or daughter. I was most afraid of taking a bath. Getting undressed, bathing, drying myself, and putting on my clothes were extremely challenging activities. When no one was home to help me dry off, I would sit for about an hour, waiting for my body to dry naturally. Later, I came up with a helpful method: I lay a towel on the bed and rolled on it. Next, I had to spend almost an hour putting on my clothes.

       Needless to say, performing other daily tasks required strenuous effort. My fingers trembled so uncontrollably that I couldn’t pick up a spoon or use a manual toothbrush. I saw no purpose in living a life of daily torture.


The Magazine Changed My Life


        Destiny is unpredictable, bringing hope at the most desperate moments. My family and I were having a meal when my husband picked up a copy of Meditation & Health from a display rack. We were encouraged by the stories in “Meditation Journal” on the positive effects of meditation. He suggested that I enroll in the 8.5-Day Bodhi Meditation Health & Happiness Retreat. I jumped at the chance.

        In September 2013, I attended the retreat at Bao Ling Bodhi Meditation Center, Malaysia. By the afternoon of the first day, I could raise my hand. My confidence level rose and I diligently practiced meditation from that day onwards. Three days into the retreat, I could practice The Meditation of Greater Illumination a few times without feeling exhausted. After the retreat, I continued to practice daily at home. A month later, I could dress myself. I was even able to prepare breakfast for my family. My husband was elated at my positive changes.

       In October 2015, at the inauguration of Klang Dragon Spring Bodhi Meditation Center, I was fortunate to receive Grandmaster JinBodhi’s compassionate blessing. Amazingly, I could lift my legs and began to walk with ease.



        In December the same year, I enrolled in another Health & Happiness Retreat. On the third day, I was blessed with spontaneous fasting which lasted for 24 days. During this period my body strengthened, and I no longer required my daughter’s help to go to the bathroom.

        Thereafter, I continued to practice meditation and enrolled myself in Health & Happiness Retreats, an Energy Bagua class, a chanting retreat, and a Bodhi Meditation Second Level Retreat. Now I can carry out daily tasks like a normal person. I can even jump. When I visited my doctor for a checkup, he couldn’t believe 
the progress of my recovery.


We Can Recover


         To my delight, I serve as a volunteer at the warehouse of Klang Dragon Spring Bodhi Meditation Center. It is beyond remarkable that a Parkinson’s disease patient is able to handle warehouse matters. Also, every Thursday I lead fellow dharma brothers and sisters who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease in the practice of The Meditation of Greater IlluminationEnergy Bagua and full prostration.

         In addition, my husband and I visit Penang, Malaysia weekly to teach Energy Bagua to as many as 140 people. We are originally from Penang and we have a common aspiration: to start a Bodhi Meditation Center there so that more people can regain their health and experience happiness.

        Bodhi Meditation has taught me to believe in the power of Universal energy. Dreams can and do become reality. I believe that if I can recover from Parkinson’s disease, other sufferers can recover and experience joy again too. 



Meditation & Health No 21 - Table of Contents