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Eyes, Ears and Nose


Twenty years of health challenges had left me despairing and exhausted. Chronic allergic rhinitis, tinnitus (perpetual buzzing in the ears), and dry eyes made me miserable. Hope arrived in the form of meditation. My eyes, ears, nose, and even my spiritual wellbeing went through an overwhelming transformation.

Chance Encounter

I have been a Buddhist for many years. Reciting sutras and chanting mantras were regular parts of my life. However, I had not experienced meditation practices. One day while surfing the Internet, I chanced upon a teaching by Grandmaster JinBodhi. Through his online videos, I got to know more about Bodhi Meditation. My interest was sparked.

Allergic rhinitis had long caused me trouble. Whenever the weather turned chilly and windy, cold-like symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose would start. Over the years the symptoms worsened. My sinuses became so blocked that I could not breathe through my nose. My quality of life was also adversely affected by tinnitus. I constantly heard a ringing noise. This sharp squealing sound interfered with my everyday life and impacted my sleep quality.

In recent years, my eyes showed signs of dry-eye syndrome. They were uncomfortably dry and got easily fatigued. The doctor explained that inadequate tear production and secretion were the cause. Regular use of eye drops to relieve the discomfort was the only treatment option. The congestion of my eye-meridian pathways became severe, and symptoms of slight retinal detachment appeared. The detachment was successfully treated with laser surgery, but my dry-eye condition deteriorated further. Relying on eye drops multiple times a day was not treating the root cause of my condition.

Vast Improvement

In April 2015, I attended the 8.5-Day Bodhi Meditation Health & Happiness Retreat. Through the guidance of the teachers, I was able to understand the practice and experience the energy harnessed during meditation. Just a few days into the retreat, I was surprised that my sinus passages were clearer. I hardly suffered a stuffed-up nose at all. After completing the retreat, I noticed an improvement in my eyes. Now when my eyes are tired, all I have to do is blink a few times and rest them a bit, and they feel better. I no longer need to use eye drops.

In June that year, I joined the same retreat. It rewarded me with another health improvement. The constant high-pitched piercing sound in my ear that had been affecting my concentration during meditation practice began to abate, becoming a soft hissing. I am now able to concentrate, visualize better, and reach a greater meditative state during practice.

Elevated Peace

Every morning, I travel to the center to practice The Meditation of Greater Illumination, The Meditation of Purity, Energy Bagua, and chanting. I also joined the 108-Day Energy Bagua program, the 7-Day Bodhi Meditation Chanting Class, and the Second Level Bodhi Meditation Retreat. I really revel in the joy and benefits that meditation brings. On this journey of meditation practice, my body and mind are constantly renewed.

In the past when I encountered challenges I focused on things that didn’t matter rather than solving the issue. When matters developed differently from what I had planned, I would get tense and anxious. Practicing meditation has brought me inner peace and a more relaxed attitude.

Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings have deepened my confidence and understanding of cause and effect. This has allowed me to manage my expectations. Letting Nature take its course and not being stubborn when things don’t go as planned: That’s how I approach life now.

Meditation & Health No 20 - Table of Contents