Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents


Rediscovering Your Own Brilliance


         The fate of a baby eagle took a dramatic turn when it was snatched from its nest by a hunter.  

         The hunter brought the eaglet home and introduced it to a group of small chicks. The chicks embraced the newcomer, and they slept, ate and played together. Soon the eaglet came to believe that it was one of the chicks, taking on all of their behaviors and preferences.

         Once the eaglet had matured and its feathers were thick and luxurious, the hunter decided to let it learn to fly with the aim of training it as a hunting eagle.

         However, by this time, having lived all its life with chickens as company, the eagle had completely forgotten its instinct of flight. It would flap its wings and run a few steps, but found it impossible to take off.

         The hunter tried many different ways of coaxing the eagle to fly, but nothing worked. Finally, inspiration struck. He brought the eagle to the top of a mountain, and in one sudden motion, threw the bird off the cliff. The eagle dropped like a stone, plummeting straight toward the ground.

          In the throes of desperation, the terrified eagle struggled hard. A strong innate desire to survive awakened its instinct of flight, unfurling its wings.

          From then on, it became a full-fledged eagle, freely soaring through the skies with the joy of being fully itself.




          Caught in the midst of worldly affairs, many a time we, like the eagle, lose sight of our capabilities and talents. Take a brave step forward to revive your true self. Only through courage can you truly realize your own ability and value and rediscover your own brilliance.




Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents