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Camp of Self-Discovery and Growth

          By Bei Fan, Vancouver

          I am a high school student and one of my passions is playing hockey. Like most young people, I’m full of dreams and inquisitiveness. In August 2013, on my mother’s advice, and out of curiosity, I joined Bodhi Meditation’s summer camp for the first time. The experience was fun and enriching, prompting me to sign up for the next camp.


The Warmth of Caring and Helping


          I participated in my third summer camp in August 2015. This time I was a group leader, which was a real growth experience. I learned to proactively show care and concern for others, and to think from their perspectives instead of just my own.

          I remembered during my previous two camps, when we did mountain climbing, I looked down on the group members who lagged behind. However, this time I walked behind the entire group and encouraged those who were trailing. When we finally reached the peak as a team, we had wide smiles on our faces. The sight of everyone gathered at the top filled my heart with extreme peace and happiness. I truly experienced that making others happy is the source of my own happiness.

          When I returned to school, I brought my passion for helping others with me. I befriended a guy a couple years younger who spoke very little in school. In the process of getting to know him, I realized he was not the “fool” everyone thought he was. Gradually, he became more lively and was slowly able to interact with people. I was so happy for his positive change.


Clear and Focused Mind


           In March 2016, I attended the Bodhi Meditation Mind Leap Program. I grew to love The Meditation of Awakening Wisdom and diligently practiced it at home after the course ended. I realized I was more agile than before when playing hockey. My reflexes were faster, my mind was clearer and more focused, and my confidence grew. I continue to practice The Meditation of Awakening Wisdom, and perform at least 36 prostrations every night.

           Learning to meditate has made communicating with my mother easier. We have more in common now.

           I’ve come to feel that everyone who is able to help others has a responsibility to do so. My goal is to bring happiness to people through empathy and compassion.

          The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.





         Leveled, easy paths created by Nature are usually short stretches. The ongoing route may be uneven, rough and bumpy. This is similar to our path of life. We may find ourselves greeted by challenges on our journey. A good way to alleviate our pain and suffering is to elevate ourselves.


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Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents