Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents


Balanced Thyroid, Renewed Beauty

        By Min Che, Kepong

        I have learned to be giving toward my friends and family,who have noticed my transformation from a cold and unreasonable person to one who is easygoing and happy.



         An accident 10 years ago resulted in a crack in my tailbone. The injury meant I had to support my back in order to stand up after sitting for a while. There were times I couldn’t even walk. After giving birth to my youngest son 12 years ago, my skin deteriorated. Black spots appeared on my face, and I developed severe eye bags. I hated looking at myself in the mirror.


Troubled by Pain


          In 2010, I developed insomnia. I would awaken every one to two hours, resulting in less than four hours of sleep a night. This made me very tired during the day, despite taking naps.

          My problems mounted. In June 2014, due to improper exercise, I strained the muscles in my limbs and dislocated my shoulder. These injuries brought me immense pain and affected my mobility. Though I regained some flexibility subsequently, my shoulder continued to creak. I underwent traditional Chinese therapy to alleviate the pain, but it only provided temporary relief.

          All these problems made me dejected and depressed. I distanced myself from people and became very bad-tempered. I put pressure on my son to excel at school, to the extent that he became fearful of me. My domestic helper was afraid of me too.


Energy Bagua Improves My Condition


          In December 2014, my sister introduced me to Energy Bagua. To my delight, after a week of practice, I was able to sleep uninterrupted. I felt energetic during the day, even without taking an afternoon nap.

          My muscle pains also gradually diminished. After six months of diligent practice, my tailbone no longer hurt while sitting, and my shoulder stopped creaking. I could sit with comfort and walk with ease.

           I felt relaxed and refreshed. To my delight, my complexion improved. And as an added surprise, after another two months of practice my nearsightedness reduced from 400 to 300 degrees.


Beauty of Health


           In October 2015, I was diagnosed with a goiter. The condition made swallowing difficult. My doctor said it would take seven months for medication to take effect. As I had witnessed many people regaining their health through Bodhi Meditation, I decided to attend the 8.5- Day Health & Happiness Retreat.

          On the fourth day of the retreat, while chanting The Medicine Buddha Heart Mantra, I felt a force pushing me backwards and a strong surge of energy gushing out of my head and palms. This pleasant feeling persisted for a few seconds.

          After the retreat, I looked radiant and my goiter subsided. My doctor was shocked and said, “You’ve made a tremendous recovery, what medication did you take?” I was overjoyed.


Heart Fills With Warmth and Happiness


          Now I volunteer daily at Bodhi Meditation Center, taking on front desk and housekeeping duties. I am gentler with my family members and my son is also more open toward me. He even remarked, “Mum’s temper has improved. She is more beautiful now.” I have learned to be giving toward my friends and family, who have noticed my transformation from a cold and unreasonable person to one who is easygoing and happy. They’ve said that I am a completely changed person.

           I have recovered from my thyroid condition and my muscles are stronger. Bodhi Meditation has transformed my life. I hope to continue following in the footsteps of Grandmaster JinBodhi, and help others regain their health and happiness just like I did.

          The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.



Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents