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Sleeping Well and Allergy-Free

           By Shou Zhou  Milpitas

           Before meditation, severe insomnia and hay fever caused me such suffering that I became hot-tempered and negative. Now, I face obstacles with ease instead of losing my temper.



           I turn 59 years old in 2017. I used to be tormented by insomnia and hay fever. In early 2016, I watched a television program on Bodhi Meditation, which marked a turning point in my life. With a wish to improve my health, I decided to give Bodhi Meditation a try. In less than six months of practice, I was experiencing wondrous benefits.


Torment of Sleepless Nights, Hay Fever and Fatty Liver


          Prior to practicing meditation, I suffered from insomnia for four years. I needed at least three hours to fall asleep, and I would wake up after just one or two hours. I would toss and turn, unable to return to sleep. On the worst nights, I only slept for an hour in total. Insomnia made my life miserable. My mind was constantly hazy and my head buzzed whenever I spoke.

          To compound my suffering, I was plagued by hay fever for seven years. From January to August of each year, my eyes, ears, nose and throat would itch, and the itching was accompanied by sneezing and tearing. I had to take allergy medication, as well as eye and nasal drops, to relieve the discomfort.

          My situation worsened when I was diagnosed with fatty liver in 2011. This disorder caused me great discomfort every night. My upper abdomen felt tender and swollen, which made falling asleep even more difficult. My doctor advised regular checkups and prescribed medication, but the drug was not effective on me. I tried to improve my condition through exercise. Unfortunately, my pollen allergy prevented me from enjoying outdoor activities.


Wondrous Health Surprises


           In February 2016, I participated in a week-long Bodhi Meditation Chanting Class. To my surprise, my insomnia and hay fever began to see significant improvement within the week; from the fourth day on, I did not have to use nasal drops anymore.

           After the chanting class, I began practicing The Meditation of Greater Illumination, Energy Bagua and prostration. After a month, I reduced my daily allergy medication to weekly, and gradually to every 2 weeks. After two and a half months, I was entirely off my allergy medication [Editor’s note: Bodhi Meditation does not advocate reduction or discontinuation of medication and treatment without seeking a doctor’s advice]. In addition, after six months of meditation practice, I was able to fall asleep quickly and enjoy five to seven hours of continuous sleep nightly.

           Thanks to Bodhi Meditation, I had another surprise – the alleviation of my fatty liver. Three months into meditation, I went for a checkup at the hospital and was told by the doctor that I no longer had fatty liver. My happiness is beyond words.


Better Health, Better Mood


           Before meditation, severe insomnia and hay fever caused me such suffering that I became hot-tempered and negative. Now, I face obstacles with ease instead of losing my temper. My friends have even commented that my disposition has turned for the better. I’m a brand-new person.

           Currently, I practice The Meditation of Greater Illumination for an hour daily. Every morning, I also partake in Energy Bagua at the meditation center, and follow that with prostration. During my daily meditation, I am filled with joy. I am very grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi, who helped me regain my precious health and happiness.

           The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.



Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents