Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents

Losing Weight, Gaining Health

          By Hu Zhuan, Medan

          My wife was surprised to see me looking more energetic and radiant,prompting her to participate in the next 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat with me in Jakarta.



          In September 2013, I signed up for an 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat in Jakarta after reading a copy of Meditation & Health magazine my wife brought home. What was initial curiosity about meditation soon transformed my health and purpose in life.


A Lighter, Healthier Me Through Spontaneous Fasting


         Due to years of poor eating habits and an erratic schedule, I suffered stomach problems. At one point I had a digestive attack and suffered tremendous pain and bloating, to the extent that I required medication for about two weeks. During that period, I could only eat bland foods like congee, and I had to stick to a regular eating schedule.

         I was quite heavy when I joined the retreat, and thus wished to experience spontaneous fasting. My wish was fulfilled – I enjoyed nine days of spontaneous fasting, only drinking water every day. I did not feel hungry, but was full of energy. After the retreat, I had lost six kilograms (13.2 pounds) and my nagging stomach pain receded. I was elated. My temperament also softened considerably. I committed to meditation practice and in about two years, I went through five periods of spontaneous fasting, losing 12 kilograms (26.5 pounds). My pant size went from 36 to 33. I have not had stomach attacks since then.


Clearer Mind, Skin and Vision


          I used to drink beer and liqueur frequently. Ever since becoming Grandmaster JinBodhi’s disciple, I am more sensible, consuming only a little alcohol when I have meals with business associates.

         When I was 40, age spots began to show on my face. I have had them for more than 20 years. With laser treatment, I only saw slight improvement and no lasting results. However, after the retreat, my age spots faded significantly. My wife was surprised to see me looking more energetic and radiant, prompting her to participate in the next 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat with me in Jakarta.

          Subsequently, I attended a Second Level Bodhi Meditation Retreat and learned Energy Bagua. I realized that Energy Bagua can help to quickly replenish one’s energy and slow down aging. I used to wear prescription glasses of about 200 degrees for many years and could not read a book without them. Now, whether reading a book or looking at my cellphone, I need not put on reading glasses anymore.


Finding Meaning in Life


          I found out Bodhi Meditation had rented its own place in Jakarta and excitedly joined my dharma brothers and sisters in the renovation. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, taking part in the knocking down and fixing up of the place, in anticipation of early completion of the new meditation hall. In April 2015, Grandmaster JinBodhi announced the establishment of the Jakarta Bodhi Meditation Center. Jakarta’s Bodhi practitioners have a sanctuary in which to meditate.

          Bodhi Meditation has given me health and happiness. I hope that more people will join us and experience the benefits for themselves. Full of gratitude, I decided to put aside my work for the meantime and devote myself to volunteering at Bodhi Meditation, together with my wife. As the meditation center is some distance from home, I often wake up at 3 a.m. to arrive by 5 a.m. to lead the Energy Bagua class.

          I am now over 60. The Bodhi Meditation family is an important part of my life. I hope to spend the rest of my life following in Grandmaster JinBodhi’s compassionate footsteps, helping more people attain health and happiness in my hometown of Medan and in all corners of Indonesia.

         The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.



Meditation & Health No 18 - Table of Contents