Meditation & Health No 16 - Table of Contents


Comforting Corn and Veggie Soup


          This simple soup is quick to prepare and offers up a host of nutrients in a warming bowl. Healthy soups have a way of not only comforting the body but lifting the spirit as well.




        Heat the oil in the cooking pot. Add the sliced dried mushrooms and fresh mushrooms and fry till fragrant. Remove the mushrooms from the heat, transfer to another dish and set aside.

        When the oil is half heated up, add the tofu. Use medium heat to fry until the tofu turns golden, then remove and set aside.

         Add the tomatoes and stir-fry them. Press the tomatoes to release their water content. Once the tomatoes are softened, add the cooked tofu and mushrooms.

         Add the bowl of water to the pot. Add the corn.

         Bring the soup to a boil, then cover the pot and simmer for 30 minutes. Add salt and white pepper to taste.


         3 dried mushrooms (soaked in warm water till softened), sliced

         4 fresh mushrooms, cleaned and sliced 

         200 grams tofu, thickly sliced

         3 to 4 tomatoes, washed and quartered

         1 cob of corn, washed and cut into parts

         2 to 3 tablespoons cooking oil

        Salt and white pepper to taste

        1 bowl of water


         Corn contains vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as carotenoids. All these antioxidants can contribute to lowering the risk of diseases including cancer and heart disease. Among the carotenoids contained in corn, zeaxanthin and lutein are excellent for eye health. Both can protect the eyes from high-energy blue wavelengths of light. Corn also contains potassium, which can help regulate blood pressure. Its fiber content, which is primarily insoluble fiber, can ease constipation and promote bowel health. People with inflamed or weak digestive systems may need to avoid corn.

          Feel free to experiment with different types of vegetables. Vegetables that cook quickly should be added last to avoid overcooking and the resulting loss of nutrients.

          Soak the dried mushrooms in warm water in a container with a lid. Cover tightly and shake the container. This will cause water to penetrate the mushrooms and accelerate the softening process. Those with skin allergies or cold constitution should avoid eating mushrooms.



Meditation & Health No 16 - Table of Contents