Meditation & Health No 15 - Table of Contents


My Blood Count


Challenges: thrombocytopenla, rheumatold, arthritis


     “Bidding goodbye to my six months of life in a wheelchair, I felt an unspeakable joy and heartfelt gratitude to Bodhi Meditation.”


Lowest Point of My Life


      In October 2013, my blood-test results showed abnormalities: My platelet count was only 2,000/μ, far below the healthy range of 100,000 to 300,000 per microliter of blood. The news came as a jolt to me. Further testing confirmed that I was suffering from thrombocytopenia, and the recommended treatment was long-term use of a steroid. The medication took a toll on my already weak health.

     Almost a year later, my limbs were weak, to the extent that I didn’t have enough strength to wring dry a towel or take a few steps. I underwent more tests and the results showed I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. The orthopedic doctor recommended joint-replacement surgery. I felt I had hit rock bottom. I was experiencing great pain constantly, even when sitting and lying down, yet I was hesitant about undergoing surgery.

Feeling Young Again

      In December 2014, I attended a 7-day Bodhi Meditation Chanting Class at Taipei Bodhi Meditation Center. Physical activity, such as performing prostration to pay respect to the Buddha, was arduous for me, as my joints were stiff. However, practicing The Meditation of Greater Illumination became my only real hope. I slowly but diligently practiced it, along with prostration and Energy Bagua, every day.

       I used to go for walks at the sports center as part of my rehabilitation exercises to strengthen my legs. When I resumed these walks after the chanting class had ended, I discovered that the physical discomfort in my legs had reduced significantly. I could walk with less difficulty. Two weeks later, I went back to the hospital for an examination. The doctor told me that I could stop my joint-inflammation treatment. Bidding goodbye to my six months of life in a wheelchair, I felt an unspeakable joy and heartfelt gratitude to Bodhi Meditation. Thereafter, I attended a Bodhi Meditation 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat and another Bodhi Meditation Chanting Class. Next, amazingly, during the Second Level Bodhi Meditation Retreat, I could stand for six hours during the meditation practice.

       Another detailed medical examination in September 2015 showed that I had recovered from thrombocytopenia. All blood-composition parameters had returned to normal. My blood platelet count had increased to 190,000/μ, and all other bodily functions were rated 10 years younger than my age. My overall health and physical wellbeing had improved tremendously. I am no longer frail and delicate. I am fit as a fiddle, free and relaxed, brimming with energy and vitality.


Light of Hope to Others


      I am delighted to share with people how Bodhi Meditation helped me regain my health, the treasure of my life. I am now happily volunteering at Taipei Bodhi Meditation Center. Volunteering gives me an opportunity to become a light of hope to inspire others to join Bodhi Meditation, to care for others and help them with sincerity and warmth.


Meditation & Health No 15 - Table of Contents