Meditation & Health No 15 - Table of Contents



Weight Lost
Happiness Gained


Excessive Snacking


        From the age of 15, I became a plump girl who loved to snack on chips, chocolate and other junk food almost every day. From time to time, I also rewarded myself with a delicious supper after I’d already eaten three main meals. During examination periods, I nibbled to relieve stress. Subsequently, upon stepping into the corporate world, eating sweets became my way of coping with work stress. As a result of my food cravings and many other reasons, my weight kept increasing. I weighed 103 kilograms by the time I was 43 years old.I had been suffering serious hormonal imbalance for years. Finally, my health was in the red.



Falling in Love With Energy Bagua


    In search of a way to improve my health, and upon my friend’s introduction, I signed up at Bodhi Meditation Center for an 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat on November 1, 2014. The last day of the retreat coincided with the meditation center’s second year of a mega Energy Bagua event. On the day of the event, I was deeply drawn to the spectacular scene of more than 1,000 Energy Bagua enthusiasts practicing in the park. I fell in love with this meditation practice that could both tone the body and facilitate weight loss. I decided then that I would practice Energy Bagua every weekend.

     Fortunately, there was a practice location at Taman Aman, near my home. After doing this meditation practice on weekends for a month, I realized that results can only come with unwavering perseverance. I knew I had to practice Energy Bagua every day in order to see more significant improvement. Determined to recover my health, I decided to walk Energy Bagua on weekdays too.


Energy Flow


    I enjoyed the feeling of perspiration. I had never experienced this with any other physical activity. At the same time, I could feel the flow of energy from the trees and the Universe. I had more vitality with which to face the difficulties of life.

    I practiced Energy Bagua every day for about three and a half months, after which I realized I had lost 18 kilograms. This success motivated me to become even more committed to the practice of meditation. I devote an hour of my time daily to Energy Bagua without fail.


Losing Weight, Sleeping Well


    Over the course of a year, Energy Bagua reduced my weight from 103 kilograms to 73 kilograms. I can now easily find clothes that fit me when I walk into any fashion boutique, unlike previously when I could only buy clothes from certain shops.

      Prior to beginning my meditation practice, my imbalanced hormones disrupted my sleep pattern. I would wake up at least once in the middle of the night. My sleep every night lasted no more than six hours, and the quality was far from good. This problem persisted for many years. However, through my determination to practice The Meditation of Greater Illumination and Energy Bagua, I have bade goodbye to the frequent waking up. My quality of sleep has vastly improved, and I now sleep uninterrupted for seven to eight hours a night.

       The Meditation of Greater Illumination and Energy Bagua have brought such immense benefits to my health that they have become part of me.

       I often make use of my leisure time to watch Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings on the Internet. His remarkable use of simple language to explain deep concepts triggers introspective thinking and reduces my work and personal problems. My wisdom has been expanded.

       I will continue to meditate and volunteer my time at the Bodhi Meditation Center so that more people will benefit from these amazing meditation methods.



Meditation & Health No 15 - Table of Contents