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Dear Editor,

     I like to take refuge in a cup of aromatic coffee when I can no longer think at work. That was when I came across your wonderful magazine Meditation & Health in a café during one of my sojourns. It was indeed such an interesting publication that I read from cover to cover that same afternoon.

      My favorite article is “Perspective on Giving and Getting in Business.” As a businessman, it was particularly intriguing to reflect on the art of business being similar to the art of war, and on the idea that we can actually gain by giving. I reflected that we businesspeople should be pragmatic and know when to withdraw in the short term to achieve long-term success, as encouraged by the article’s real-life examples such as Warren Buffett and other business icons.

       Another one of my favorite articles was about bedroom feng shui. I changed the layout of my bedroom and also my sleeping and waking habits. I shifted the headboard of my bed away from the window, which did give me a noticeably better slumber at night. A good night’s rest enables me to create the best feng shui during the day by loving, accepting and treating people with kindness and wisdom.

      I am looking forward to the next issue.

                                                                                                         With warmest wishes,

                                                                                                             Sohail, Singapore



Dear Editor,

    My mother handed me a copy of Meditation & Health magazine. The article “The Mystical Nature of Nara” caught my eye.

     I never knew that animals could display traits such as kindness and understanding. The deer bowing after receiving their treats struck me as such a moving display of gratitude — gratitude which many humans fail to offer. Reading about the respect that exists between the deer and their human visitors has inspired me to cultivate greater respect in my own life.

     Overall, I am impressed with the magazine’s high standard and the vocabulary I have learned will be very useful for me in school.



                                                                                                                       Cloud, Taiwan


Dear Editor,

     At the recent Buddha Showering & Blessing Seminar, a lady approached me after reading my testimonial in Meditation & Health magazine.

     She was touched by the part where it mentioned that making light-offerings to the insects and pests I had caused harm to and seeking forgiveness from past and karmic debtors had alleviated my skin allergies. Having a similar skin condition, she decided to make light-offerings too.

      Her sincerity will bring flames of blessings and I believe she will recover soon to a new life.


                                                                                                                    Wishing her well,

                                                                                                         Xiang-cheng, Singapore



Dear Editor,

    I find Meditation & Health a wonderful magazine. I particularly like Grandmaster JinBodhi’s words of wisdom and reflect upon them as I try to apply them. Another favorite column is “Meditation Journal,” where testimonials of regaining health are shared. I feel a great sense of joy for them that they have found sunshine in their lives once again. The tales in “Story House” are simple, but the moral is strong.

    I will introduce Bodhi Meditation to others.


                                                                                                              With greatest thanks,

                                                                                                               Rachel Lim, Canada



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