Meditation & Health No 14 - Table of Contents


Freedom From
Severe Back Pain
and Dry Eyes

       Iattended an event at the Taipei Bodhi Meditation Center on November 22, 2012. My transformation came when I was able to put aside my imposing boss-like manner and serve as a volunteer with heart and humility.

Receiving My First Blessing


        I first came to know of Taipei Bodhi Meditation Center through a friend who invited me to attend the center’s 2012 New Year’s Day opening ceremony. At first I did not feel anything special —until Grandmaster JinBodhi began giving blessings to an audience of more than 1,000, individually, with a bundle of willow branches. The blessing ceremony took several hours, but Grandmaster JinBodhi never stopped to rest; he was happy to bless everyone. I was touched by this act of compassion, and grateful for the experience. I began to wonder if Grandmaster JinBodhi was the reincarnation of Guanyin Bodhisattva.


“I feel peaceful and joyful.

I feel the unity of Heaven,

Earth and humanity ….”


Immense Benefits at Initial Retreat

      I run an auto-parts trading business, and I deal with customers both locally and overseas. My schedule is intense and I have little time to participate in any meditation activities. However, I decided to make time after being touched by Grandmaster JinBodhi’s compassion at the blessing event, so I signed up for a chanting retreat at the Taipei Bodhi Meditation Center. On the first day of the retreat, fatigue made me want to quit. I felt more exhausted at the meditation retreat than when I was a young soldier doing training or practicing taekwondo. After the long day, my whole body was in pain and my hands and legs were shaking.

      However, I persevered. Although I was tired,I was deeply moved by the process, especially when repenting for my mistakes. I had briefly repented before, but this time was different. I was able to repent with utmost sincerity while reciting Guanyin Bodhisattva’s mantra and the Medicine Buddha’s mantra. As I thought about my mistakes, I started
to cry.

       I am an emotionally stable man, but I cried like a baby during the seven days of meditation retreat, an emotional release which had a positive effect on my physical body. Prior to attending the retreat, I suffered daily double vision and unclear eyesight after working for a couple of hours, and after several hours of work, my eyes were dry and sore. After attending the chanting retreat and shedding tears of repentance, I could feel my eye condition had improved by 70 to 80 percent.

       I took up the practice of Energy Bagua and six months later, my dry-eye syndrome and my farsightedness had greatly improved. I believe that the practice of Energy Bagua has improved the function of my organs, particularly my kidneys, and the link between kidneys and eyes means that strengthening the former has greatly improved
the latter.

       In addition, I used to have frozen shoulder and back pain. I had consulted many doctors specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, to no avail. I tried massage, but the pain continued. I had hurt my back 30 years ago when I was carrying heavy loads as a soldier. Sometimes, the pain would wake me up in the middle of the night. Pain-relief medication did not alleviate the discomfort. When I bent down, the pain was agonizing, and to get up I had to straighten my body a little at a time, like a robot. Even bending slightly to brush my teeth caused pain. Lying on my back was also a challenge, so I would put a pillow under my abdomen and sleep facedown. The pain would get so unbearable after a strenuous day at work that injections administered at a hospital were the only way to soothe it. I was worried that my mobility would be severely impaired by the time I reached my 60s or 70s. Fortunately, the Bodhi Meditation Chanting Retreat eradicated my worries. Through attending the retreat,my back pain and frozen-shoulder issue were significantly reduced.

       In order to maintain good health, I practice prostration every day at the center. My dedication is such that I have taken to wearing elbow- and kneepads so I can continue to prostrate intensely without stressing the skin on my joints.


The Power of Energy Bagua


       Amazed and inspired by the improvements in my health brought to me by Energy Bagua,I dedicated myself to it and subsequently became the leader of Energy Bagua practice at Taipei Bodhi Meditation Center. After practicing for a year or two, I found my mind transformed in terms of elevated resilience and wisdom. My weight dropped from 75 kilograms to 65 kilograms after about 500 days of practice, and even the lipoma on my forehead has gotten smaller. In early 2014, my pulse rate was measured at 55 beats per minute during a physical examination, which according to my doctor is a very significant improvement; a lower heartrate can denote good health because the heart does not have to work too hard to pump blood throughout the body.

      I am leading a busy and fulfilling life. There is nothing more wonderful than recovering from decades of chronic diseases. When I was practicing Energy Bagua in a park, I felt a surge of energy flowing from the top of my head down to my feet. I feel peaceful and joyful. I feel the unity of Heaven, Earth and humanity, the oneness that Grandmaster JinBodhi has spoken of.

      After embracing Bodhi Meditation, my wife and I have experienced improved health, elevated consciousness, and more harmony in our relationship. In addition, our children are doing better at school. We are a happy family now.


Meditation & Health No 14 - Table of Contents