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Meditation Activities Worldwide:

Nepal Earthquake Relief and Recovery Effort:

For Hope,With Love



        On April 25, 2015, a devastating earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale rocked mountainous Nepal, the area’s worst earthquake in 81 years. With no time to recover, another severe quake of 7.5 magnitude shuck Nepal on May 12, causing further damage and suffering. The death toll exceeds 8,600 and the survivors are struggling under the weight of injuries, collapsed houses, broken roads and power outages.

        Bodhi Mediation Centers worldwide gave light offerings and chanted for the relief of suffering in the Nepali disaster area. As well as advocating for meditation to spread compassion, Master JinBodhl also contributed three Chinese fans that he painted. namely Old Tree’, “AM and “Hum’, for fundraising to aid the Nepal earthquake relief and recovery effort.

        In an overwhelming response to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s appeal, members of Bodhl Meditation Centers In Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong pledged $450,000 (USD) for these three fans, an expression of their sincere compassion and blessing for the earthquake victims.

        On May 25, 2015, the Bodhi Meditation Centers In Taiwan presented their donation to the Nepal Relief Fund through the Ministry of Heath In Taiwan, while the Hong Kong Center presented to the Hong Kong Red Cross on May 28, 2015.

        Malaysian Bodhi practitioners hosted a fundraising dinner for 1,000 people on June 14, 2015. With the assistance of a local charitable organization, the Yayasan Nanyang Press, the donations were delivered to the Nepali victims to rebuild their homes. These contributions were made possible because every generous donor has a heart of compassion like Master JinBodhl, and a desire to bring hope and love to the victims in Nepal.




Meditation & Health No 13 - Table of Contents