Meditation & Health No 12 - Table of Contents



The Meditation of Greater Illumination (DVD)


        The Mediation of Greater Illumination is a comprehensive dynarnic standing meditation technique that incorporates hand-forms (mudras). visualization and meditative motion. Grandmaster JinBodhi creator of Bodhi Meditation guides you through the 30-minute meditation. The disc has subtitles in Mandarin. English, Spanish. Korean and Japanese. The Meditation of Greater Illumination can be practiced alone or combined with The Meditation of purity for greatest benenfit.


The Meditation of Purity (CD)


         The Meditation of Purity is a seated guided 30-minute meditation. The disc is available in Mandarin-English format or Mandarin only. The Meditation of purity can be practiced alone or together with The Meditation of Greater Illumination for greatest benefit.


The Meditation of Bone Melting (CD)


         Grandmaster JinBodhi’s empowering voice and soothing music melts away stress and worries. As your body dissolves into nothingness, you become relaxed, calm and peaceful. You enter a state of bliss, an amazing experience of formlessness. Bestow this gift of Divine state upon your body and mind before you retire for the night or before you practice another seated meditation.


The Meditation of Immeasurable Sincerity (CD)


         Chanting The Medicine Buddha Heart Mantra with sincerity brings about immeasurable good karma. As Grandmaster JinBodhi guides you through The Meditation of Immeasurable Sincerity, you connect with Medicine Buddha and attain purity of mind and body.


The Meditation of Awakening Wisdom (CD)


        One of the core practices of Bodhi Meditation, The Meditation of Awakening Wisdom, facilitates the unleashing of human potential. Immerse yourself in soothing joyful music and allow Meditation Grandmaster JinBodhi guide you into a deep state of meditation. The Meditation of Awakening Wisdom enables you to connect with Universal energy, become one with Nature and attain enlightenment.

       “I am Nature, and Nature is me.” –Meditation Grandmaster JinBodhi

Pu-erh Tea

          —Blessed by Meditation Grandmaster JinBodhi

          Pu-erh is a unique form of tea named after the town of Pu-Erh in the province of Yunnan where it has been harvested for hundreds of years. Initially processed like a green tea, the dried tea is then aged in a dark place for many years to allow fermentation. Fermentation creates a tea with a pure, mellow flavor and earthy fragrance. An old saying goes, “Aged tea is like medicine.” Pu-erh is such a tea. The older it is, the more effective and valuable it becomes. Grandmaster JinBodhi blessed this round, compressed tea cake to bring health, longevity, auspiciousness, and wealth.

          Available at your local Bodhi Meditation Center.



Meditation & Health No 12 - Table of Contents