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Welcome Home


         Before I discovered Bodhi Meditation, I felt as if a black cloud hovered over me. For several years my life had felt like a receding tide, and I didn’t know how to turn it around. After practicing Bodhi Meditation for a few weeks, I realized that the cloud of despair had been replaced with joy. I now wake each morning with a wish to make the world better for as many beings as possible. I live with gratitude, handle life situations with ease, know that I am doing my life’s work and feel immense compassion for the people in my life. Life’s challenges haven’t changed, but my attitude and perceptions have. I go to bed feeling the same as when I woke – happy. The tide turned.

         People think that if they just work harder or become more successful, then they’ll be happier. That formula for happiness is backward thinking. Grandmaster JinBodhi founded Bodhi Meditation in fulfillment of his vow to bring health and happiness to the world. He says, “Only if we open ourselves will the knot in our heart – the knot of suffering – be untied and resolved, and thereby illness cured and ultimate health and happiness obtained.”

         Everyone has access to a healthy and happy life, as the transformational stories of Bodhi Meditation practitioners within these pages attest. As you read through these pages, feel the energy. Energy is a key element in meditation so we consulted quantum physicist Dr. Lee Pulos for an explanation of how energy works. We have included a section on wellbeing to enrich your body, refresh your mind and nourish your soul. Each moment of our day is filled with obvious and invisible gifts, so we need to pay attention moment by moment. However, sometimes our awareness of the moment is drowned out by daily stress. The way of the horse, as our story explains, can teach us to live in the now.

          To practice gratitude for the moments of our life, write an email of thanks to one new person a day. Giving is getting. You will receive a heart-full of happiness.
Come and open your heart.



Meditation & Health No 12 - Table of Contents