Meditation & Health No 10 - Table of Contents

Seeing With Eyes
of Loving-Kindness




1.    A man was seated in a train with his 25-year-old son. As the train started to leave the station, the young man was filled with joy and curiosity. He stretched out a hand to feel the passing breeze and shouted, “Papa, see all the trees are moving past the train!” The old man smiled at his son’s exuberance.






2.    Beside them, a couple stared at the young man’s child-like behavior, feeling awkward. The young man shouted, “Papa, see the pond and the animals! And the clouds are chasing the train!”








3.    Rain began to fall, and raindrops splattered his hand. He was filled with bliss and closed his eyes, exclaiming,
“It’s raining! Water is touching me. Look, Papa.” The couple watched the young man with embarrassment.






4.    The couple couldn’t help themselves from asking the old man, “Why don’t you have your son treated by a doctor?”
       The old man replied, “Yes, we‘ve just left the hospital. My son has just gotten this pair of eyes. He is seeing the world for the first time in his life.”





    Take care not to pass judgment.
    View everything with loving-kindness, and you’ll draw conclusions from a different          perspective.
    Cherish the beauty and wonder of Nature as if you are seeing it for the first time.


Meditation & Health No 10 - Table of Contents