Meditation & Health No 10 - Table of Contents


From Skeptic
to Amazed Believer

—David Tar, Los Angeles


Skepticism Becomes Amazement

    It’s my distinct privilege to be able to share with you my experience with Bodhi Meditation. Two years ago, my wife asked me to join her in Alhambra for a Bodhi healing session. At that time and for a period after that, I was very skeptical of the healing and the people involved, who seemed to me to be “different” in a way I wasn’t open to. But now, after being a practitioner for two years, I can tell you that Bodhi Meditation is unbelievable. Along with my wife, I’ve observed that the words commonly used by people to describe it — like “amazing” — are true.
    First of all, the dedication of the teachers and volunteers is unbelievable. Their commitment — the hours they put in to helping people have the best health and lives possible — is extraordinary. I was fortunate not to have any real health issues for about the first year of practice. During that time, I attended some of the retreats and acquired a few CDs and DVDs so that we could practice at home. And then something happened last May.
    I developed a major case of bursitis in my left elbow. My wife suggested trying the healing session at Diamond Bar Bodhi Meditation Center. Master Guan-Hai performed a healing on me, and I instantly felt at ease. Afterward, I didn’t develop any infection and I never had the serious symptoms the doctors had predicted, like fever. As such, my wife was convinced I didn’t require treatment at the hospital. Within days, the swelling was gone, the pain was gone, and the issue has never reoccurred during the 14 months since. And I’m able to continue the same exercise program, including running, that I did previously, with no side effects whatsoever.
    The healing powers displayed at the Bodhi Center are unbelievable. Master Guan-Hai has the power to remove scars. I had a major scar on my arm caused by an accident more than 30 years ago. At the last healing session in Irvine, my wife asked me to check my scar. To my amazement, it was basically gone and remains so to this day.
    I’ve never experienced anything quite like the healing power of Bodhi Meditation. Even though I was initially skeptical, incredible benefits still manifested. Perhaps if a person begins with a strong faith in the practice, results manifest even faster.

Protective Blessings

    Before going on a business trip to Mexico, my wife and I decided to go to the center to practice prostration. While we were prostrating, a pile of cushions behind us fell and hit us, which was odd, since we hadn’t touched them. I took this as some sort of a warning sign, and told my wife that we needed to be extra cautious while driving to Mexico. The fact that we keep a blessed Bodhi amulet in our car made me feel more confident. I forgot to wear my blessed bracelet, but my wife gave me hers.
    There are only two freeways leading to Mexico and both are two-lane freeways. There wasn’t much traffic that day so we decided to pass a large truck in front of us that was hauling a number of scrap cars. When we were about to pass, one of the scrap cars on the truck began falling.
    It was like a scene out of a movie. I instinctively swerved the steering wheel and somehow managed to avoid a serious collision. My wife was terrified and close to tears. My ability to respond to such a threatening situation was far superior than normal. We both credit the Buddha and Grandmaster JinBodhi for keeping us safe. Since then, I always carry a blessed amulet whenever I go on business trips, and both of us are quite at ease.


Meditation & Health No 10 - Table of Contents