Meditation & Health No 9 - Table of Contents

The Medicine Buddha
Blessing Ceremony

Grandmaster JinBodhi Blessed 6,000 in Singapore

      On November 3, 2013, Bodhi Meditation Singapore held a magnificent Medicine Buddha Birthday Blessing Ceremony hosted by Master JinBodhl. Close to 6,000 people from all over the world gathered for the event.

      Apart from the main hall, roadshows were set up in the lobby to give attendees a better understanding of Bodhi Meditation. Just after 6 a.m., thousands of
lamp offerings were already glittering brilliantly with everyone’s wishes.

      The ancient Buddha area displayed Grandmaster JinBodhi’s antique collection, including a magnificent Buddha that is thousands of years old, and arhat statues that
are hundreds of years old.

      At 10 am. sharp, the all-compassionate Master JinBodhi arrived and offered the lamps to Buddha, blessing all with good health, happiness, auspiciousness and bright prospects, harmony and prosperity.

     Master then greeted the audience: “HI, everyone, Today I am very happy as well as honored to be here chatting with you all. I wish everyone prosperity, good health, everlasting youth, a beautiful figure, and abundant wealth.” Everyone was very happy to
receive so many well wishes, clapping hands and shouting simultaneously: “Received! Received!”

      Master said. “Every day, I cultivate with mindfulness of the Buddha and chant mantra, as well as think of helping others. A person whose heart is full of compassion every day will have a definite effect on the blessings he bestows on others. When such a person gives you his well wishes, you should receive them wholeheartedly. Lady Luck might just be smiling on you.”

      Master emphasized: “Bodhi Meditation is a very extraordinary practice made up of many simple practices, and it gives us extremely effective results. A multitude of previously helpless people have gained a new lease on life. I am extremely comforted by
this fact. Anyone who wishes to regain physical and mental health so as to attain happiness is welcome to join Bodhi Meditation practice.”

      Master introduced many types of Bodhi Meditation practices: “The Meditation of Greater illumination is the best and most complete among all the Bodhi Meditation methods; Bagua is great for the replenishment of QI and energy; prostration helps to
reduce weight and eliminate belly fat very quickly, as well as to cure cardiovascular diseases, depression and allergies. However, if you suspect illness, visit your doctor. But if Western medicine is of no help, try Bodhi Meditation. Regardless of the type of illness, if
you practice Bodhi Meditation with determination for an hour every day for 108 days, you will achieve an extremely good result.”

      Everybody wishes to lead a better and more prosperous life. Master commented that quality of life is determined by one’s wisdom. Doing good deeds and helping people frequently generate compassionate and auspicious energy. This accumulation of wisdom
and auspicious energy follows one’s consciousness from past lives to present life and future lives. Good deeds beget good karma, and vice versa. Hence, when we do more charitable and compassionate deeds, we will be prosperous, blessed, and things will
turn out favorably. Master encouraged everyone to drop the bad habit of laziness and practice diligently so that a healthier body and blissful life are realized.

      Master then showered all assembled with his great compassionate energy, cleansing people of years of accumulated dirt and impurities. Many acknowledged that their illnesses and pains had vanished instantly:
headaches had gone, shoulders become relaxed, eyes had turned bright, and there were some whose more serious troubles had gone in a flash. Joyful and grateful applause  roared incessantly.

       It was a day that will be long remembered.


Meditation & Health No 9 - Table of Contents