Meditation & Health No 9 - Table of Contents

Walking Into the Zone

By Da-nai & Da-dan, Toronto

      My husband and I came across this fascinating meditation system in early 2013. Unique as it is, Bodhi Meditation instantly struck a chord within us.

      Since then, we’ve been practicing at the center every morning before going to work. Prostration, Bagua and The Mediation of Greater illumination are all a part of our daily routine. We enjoy every bit of this Zen bliss early in the morning, as it sets the right tone for the day. Not only does it energize our physical body, it also establishes clarity of mind.

      At times while practicing Bagua, we felt o ball of energy lifting up our hands. It seemed as though our arms were being suspended, floating, in the air. It was so soothing and comforting; we were completely bathed in that nourishing energy zone. It feels Iike being a fetus cradled inside its mother’s womb.

      During the summer we practiced outdoors at a park close to our home. Oftentimes. squirrels would come over and wander around the tree that we were practicing with. Birds would settle on the branches, chirping. Dogs ran from their owners to frolic where we were, hanging around our tree with no intention of leaving. Even snails would come out of nowhere, climbing up the tree trunk and stationing at the exact area where our palms were circling, staying for over an hour without moving. This all makes us wonder if someday we might have some “wildlife Bagua teammates” walking around the tree with us too.

      After practicing indoors for several months. our senior teacher encouraged us to practice outdoors during the fall and winter. Gradually, we noticed that our body temperature became self-adjusting and adapted to the severe cold weather in Toronto.
Though we came from subtropical countries and our bodies were ill-adapted to the Canadian climate, practicing Bagua walking has enabled us to endure the -40 degree Celsius cold with ease, in particular the severe snowstorm that we experienced this year. We had never envisioned that Bagua would offer so many health benefits in such a practical way.

      Three months ago, my eldest sister was complaining to me about her neck pain. Her neck was so stiff that it was causing pain every time she tried to move her head. Without any expectation whatsoever, I offered her a massage with the patting technique that we learned from Bodhi Meditation. To our delight, her neck was healed within six days after three rounds of patting. My sister always looked after her four siblings when we were growing up. Being the youngest sister, it is very heartwarming to be able to take care of her now in some way. After the final healing I decided to do another round of Bagua out of gratitude to Guanyin, Medicine Buddha and Grandmaster JinBodhi. As I focused with closed eyes, palms together and finger tips touching the point between my eyebrows, a very fine beam of yellow light shot through me for a split-second. It was a mystical surprise.

      We were also taught some powerful methods of chanting at the center. We learned profound ways of dedicating our chants to our parents. In September I was taking care of my mother, who is suffering from a chronic disease. After giving her a gentle patting massage on her legs, I fell asleep beside her. During a moment between sleep and wakefulness, a vision of a three-dimensional crystal in the form of a snowflake manifested on my forehead, beginning at the point between my eyebrows. It multiplied and radiated all around, like a kaleidoscope. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. After years of fighting against the tide, trying to help my mother recover her health, a I came to terms with her condition, accepting it as a natural process in the cycle of life. It is wonderful to feel that Buddha is looking after my mom.

      Throughout the process of cultivation, various visions have manifested in front of my closed eyes spontaneously. My forehead feels like a T.V. screen. From black and white static to vivid color images. From two-dimensional to multi-dimensional, from portals of lights to visions of Higher Beings. Mostly, these visions are mysterious. but they are very dear to my heart. Occasionally, I’ve noticed some of them provide hints of guidance about various situations. Regardless, we follow our instructor’s advice not to chase after them with intention. Just accept them as they come and go. 

      We are very grateful for the selfless guidance of the Buddha. Grandmaster JinBodhi, and our fellow practitioners. We will continue on this precious journey of cultivation and discovery with the purest mind of openness, acceptance and compassion. Also, we offer thanks to Toronto Center for granting us the opportunity to volunteer and be of service to others.

      Ironically, my husband was assigned to be on the security team for Toronto Center. Being an extrovert and a physically active person, standing still without talking for the entire day is almost unheard of for him. Whereas I was assigned to be an English interpreter for our ongoing classes, as well as one of the instructors for the English group meditation practice on a weekly basis. Being an introvert, keeping quiet in solitude was the norm of my existence. Now I have to talk without stopping throughout the classes. Never had I realized that there is so much “talking debt” I have to pay! During the Second Level Retreat in October, I remembered a fellow practitioner from Vancouver saying that Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings always challenge your weaknesses. Well then, in the service of “walking the talk,” we’ll keep on walking Bagua and, in my case, talking through many classes.


Meditation & Health No 9 - Table of Contents