Meditation & Health No 9 - Table of Contents

Grandmaster JinBodhi’s

Treasure Cove

Sakyamuni Buddha Statue
in Ramee-Lacquer

      Ramee-lacquer is a method of painting statues that are made of mud. The sculpture is first coated with layers of ramee, a flax-like fiber. This gives the statue a more realistic appearance, and the sculpture is light and better preserved.

      Made in the Song Dynasty, this statue of Sakyamuni Buddha in ramee-lacquer is 30 centimeters tall. The fine intricate details give a lifelike appearance. The position of the hands symbolizes the Buddha’s enlightenment under the Bodhi tree; the right hand extending out in the earth-touching gesture is symbolic of liberating all sentient beings from suffering. Seated in full-lotus posture, the Buddha emanates calm, peace and solemnity, his eyes partially closed. The Buddha’s robe has smooth and natural folds. The surface of the statue shows time’s wear and tear, with the ramee coating clearly visible mixed with traces of paint and gilding.


Meditation & Health No 9 - Table of Contents