Meditation & Health No 9 - Table of Contents

Meditation Attaining a Healthy and Quality Life

Excerpted From Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Web Forum 


A Journey of Exploration

      The purpose of this forum is to give you an understanding. When you see me, or hear my name or see my image or hear of our stories, you may wonder what benefits Bodhi Meditation or Buddhist practices can bring. This is an important point, for be it shopping, strolling or attending an activity, it is natural to expect benefit from it. So what do you stand to gain from attending my talk?
      Bodhi Meditation is simply a label, a name that can lead us to spiritual transcendence. What do we gain from attaining spiritual transcendence? In my research on humanity, I’ve discovered this: The difference between rich and poor arises from one’s mind or thoughts, or spirit, which I refer to as one’s global perspective. A person’s wealth or poverty is relative to his global perspective; the difference in perspectives toward worldly matters can reveal his status. Who would not desire to achieve the highest perspective?
      Of course, some may have other desires. They may seek a lower-paying job that requires physical labor. This can also represent a life mission that belongs to a high realm. But I know most people prefer jobs that require minimal physical labor, that are less tiring and yet generate high income. Having a nice, spacious place to live in, a high income, this is what the vast majority of people pursue. If you wish for a better life, join me in a journey of exploration.

Absolute Wealth and Health

      It’s human nature to seek for both the best material things and the best spirituality. Everyone wishes to be fabulously rich, but also remain in top physical condition. People with a simple understanding of Buddhism may ask: How can a Buddhist learn things about attaining a better lifestyle? Is this related to the pursuit of a higher realm of life? Of course — this is a lesson about success. What is Buddha’s description of the Pureland of Ultimate Bliss? It seems to be the best environment possible for anyone, a land paved with gold; you get whatever you desire, eat anything that you want; you feel full just at the thought of food and your wishes are fulfilled with a single thought. Let me describe the Western Pureland: Gems grow on trees, just like leaves; if you love jade, you’ll find the best jade: if you like diamonds. block diamonds con be plucked from the sun; if you wont purple diamonds, they’re available on the planet Jupiter, as well as other precious objects of unknown origin. What do all these descriptions imply? Well, are these not great material wealth?
      Meditation practices bring revelations. What does this mean? It’s human nature to seek for the best material wealth and spirituality. Everyone wishes to be extremely rich and healthy. In the Pureland of Ultimate Bliss, there is no coughing, no sickness, no painful diseases such as cancer. None at all! No illnesses, no influenza, no emotional issues such as unhappy marriages. Indeed, it is a state of great perfection In terms of material needs and physical, spiritual and emotional condition. In fact, the bliss in this realm actually reflects a perfect fulfillment of Iife’s necessities. This is a spiritual view that embraces the material world. If you wish to become better, you are welcome to discuss and learn. You may receive some inspiration or guidance.
      What sort of people need to learn Bodhi Meditation? Those in need of improving their health. It’s difficult to say whether such people need spiritual guidance in addition. In my opinion, spiritual health will affect physical condition and vice verso, as they are interdependent.
      Traditional medicine practices have clearly shown the interrelationship between physical and mental wellbeing. Our new friends may doubt that practicing Bodhi Meditation can benefit the body: Just by saying that we are happy, well become healthy: our past ailments and sufferings can be relieved, especially depression, gastritis. arthritis and insomnia.
      Very smart people think: Are our moods related to our thoughts? They come from the same system. When you are facing obstacles or are seeing a situation wrongly, your emotions are affected. That’s how the mental system manifests through your emotions. When emotion is retained for some time, it will lead to a physical reaction. These reactions, emotional and physical, take place in the blink of an eye. For example, you suddenly look up and see a childhood friend you haven’t seen in years, and are struck by that “Ahl” feeling of joy. According to scientific studies, your brain secretions and the energy in your body display on immediate reaction.
      If you watch o horror movie, you feel fear Immediately, not two hours after the film is over. In some situations, emotions can instantly lead to illnesses. For example, Traditional Chinese Medicine deduced that fear can cause harm to the kidneys. and kidney injury may cause urinary incontinence or frequent urination.
      Which organ Is most related to the kidney? It’s the heart. When we are frightened, our heart starts to contract. No matter how young or old you ore, fear can be the root cause of a heart attack. When you’re young, you may seem to recover from shock in a couple of days. For those aged 40 to 50, the impact of fear or shock may linger and one day erupt into kidney disease. I am referring to the entire renal system: kidney damage may manifest in the bladder, ureter, or the kidney itself. It con also manifest in the cardiovascular system, even leading to cerebrovascular damage and Impacting the brain. The heart operates like o pump. supplying blood to the brain and throughout the body every day. Once it is affected, blood flow Is slowed, and there Is insufficient energy to push blood upward. This results in brain Ischemia or ischemia in other body ports. You may experience stiffness: your gait will be slow and unstable and robotic. There may also be semi-paralysis of the face. Consequently, a person with ischemia may only be able to open one eye, and he may only laugh with one side of his face. Besides causing an unpleasant appearance, such a condition can be rather painful.
      True, what I’ve described Is a serious case, but nonetheless, such cases do exist. The point Is, the mind has influence over the body. The mind can cause chronic disease, even to the point of death. Given that the mind and body are Interrelated, we should learn a technique that is beneficial to both.

Leading a Quality and Fruitful Life

      Today, are you happy, wise, rich, and living in style? Or are you still very poor, in depression, even very dirty, very timid, in fear, and in pain? Whichever it is, you still have many years ahead. But those two different lifestyles give rise to completely different feelings. Entirely different!
      So, who can learn this health-promoting method? Generally speaking, you need only stay calm and slit for half an hour to be able to listen to teachings. Therefore, children of six or seven years of age onwards can learn. Thereafter, I believe there is no age limit for learning. As such, there is no age limit for cultivation. According to my experience, the elderly, and even those In their final moments, are still able to cultivate, sitting down or lying in bed and reciting mantras. When death is near. if one can calmly face the transition, one can enter a truly extraordinary state. But I digress, as today’s topic is not death. My main point is that if one starts reading at the age of six or seven, one can continue learning until the moment of death.
      Now seemingly healthy people, those with healthy intellectual responses like ourselves, do we need to learn as well? Yes, if you want to live a better life, maximize your potential. Think about it: Are you happy, wise, rich, handsome, and living in style; or are you poor, depressed, and timid, Iiving in fear and pain? In both cases one must journey through many years, but the quality of life and resultant feelings are entirely different. A happy, healthy, wise, luxurious life is paradise, a very positive journey. A life full of suffering, painful disease, poverty — a Iife that’s stricken with pain and sorrow is like living in hell, a place where a day seems like a year.
      The more poverty and pain one is enduring, the slower time seems to pass. Very poor people fear daybreak, as another hard day is upon them, full of worry about how to feed their children or buy medicine for sick family members. They don’t sleep well, consumed with worry. Some people sow, “Close your eyes and forget about the real world” But you have to face the world: after all, you must open your eyes at some point to deal with the painful reality. For those with troubled lives it’s very painful to be alive, and the days seem so long, and every second and minute seems to be even longer than the one before, because of their suffering. Whereas if you find that time flies by very fast, it shows you are living a happy and comfortable life. These two different life experiences represent Heaven and hell on Earth. So, in order to live o better life, do you want to learn my technique? it’s really a must.
      Some may say, “Today we’ve just come to hear your teachings, but now we feel huge pressure after hearing you talk about how our lives can be either Heaven or hell!” But it’s true! Dear friends, think carefully: The difference between a painful, diseased life and a healthy, happy, wealthy life really is comparable to the difference between Heaven and hell. If you have lived to 30, 40 or 50 years old without such a realization, I doubt that you have lived well: if you have this awareness already, you probably are very blessed.

The Diverse Path of Spiritual Practice

      Some ask: “When we look at your pictures, or watch a DVD of your teachings, will we receive energy? If we do want to learn, how should we go about it? I wish to practice Buddhism. but how do I do it?” The fact is, “cultivation” and “learning” are two words of the same meaning, used under different circumstances. Whether it is religion, martial arts, meditation or cultural lessons, a learning process is required. So, how should one begin to practice? Simple! Especially for a beginner, just tell yourself that you are casually walking the journey toward completing one’s life lesson. It’s very simple.
      For a start. you can download from the Internet. or make copies of from friends, the recordings of mantras and songs that I have recited or sung, some while in a deep meditative state. Simply sit and listen to them. Many people have the perception that meditation means peace and calmness and wonder, and ask: “What if I can’t calm down and stay still?” Don’t worry, listening to my audio recordings will help you do so. They will not bring absolute peace, only a relative peace. This is an amazing and special method. Of course, the sound of my voice can transmit energy to you, too — some may understand, some may not. Sound is not just the noise itself; it also carries something that is somewhat like light.
      If we learned a little bit about physics, and knew about infrared rays and ultraviolet rays — some are like the rays emitted from the sun, or light bulbs. These light rays are matter but can they support and carry other things? Many people still do not know the answer. Think about our homes — the remote controls that control the air conditioning and television: They can control devices from a distance even though there are no wires connecting them to the device. What enables them to do so? If could be light or infrared rays which are carrying the message, the code. The device itself has a receiving machine: especially television sets, which have receivers that accept the light rays and decipher the code within the light rays. For example, turning the television on and off, choosing a television channel, turning the volume up or down, or adjusting the colors displayed, these can all be done through remote control. Therefore, these light rays not only carry things, but what they carry is also very accurate.
      Light can carry messages, wires can carry messages, but what about sound? Yes, sound does; my voice carries a message. What message? An auspicious message of good fortune and prosperity. I practice without fail every day. I pray and chant because I wish from the bottom of my heart that every person be prosperous, healthy. wise, happy and able to solve their problems. Therefore, this wish and my life are as one — they’re Inseparable! My thoughts, my gaze and my voice surely carry my Intentions. Whether you want to believe me is up to you. Give me a try, you’ll find out for yourself!
      You can corm down by listening to my voice during your afternoon break or before you go to bed. If you’re worried about disturbing others, you can use an MP3 or MP4. There will be obvious results one week after you begin, and you only need to listen for half an hour each day. Though of course, the more you listen, the better; listening for one or two hours is preferable. Practice must be consistent over a period of time. After a week, you will realize: “This week I am more energetic, and my train seems to be working faster, and I feel less drowsy.”
      After work or after lunch, some people are always fighting to stay awake, can barely keep their eyes open, and their brains are so foggy that they even mix up people’s names. That is, their brains stop working. But you only need to use my method continuously for a week — that’s only seven days — and those symptoms of lethargy will depart. Then. you might ask: “Is this a kind of energy?” Yes, one can gain energy through such practices; listening to my voice can bring you energy.
      Some may ask: “Will we gain energy by looking at your pictures or watching DVDs of your teachings?” Yes! You only need relax physically and mentally to receive the energy. Just like soil, when it’s hard and solid, it won’t be able to absorb moisture. So, as you listen to me, try to relax. The more you relax, the more energy you’ll be able to receive. Place your hands on your thighs, palms facing upward. If you raise them, they won’t be able to receive. So relax with your palms facing upward, laying flat on your thighs. Relax your mind and body, starting especially from your neck, hen thorax, lower back, keep relaxing all the way down, then your legs from your upper thighs, knees, calves, slowly relax down to your soles, your toes, Imagine that your bones have melted. Imagine, your hard bones have been melted by a sort of liquid — oh, they’ve all dissolved! This is a visualization technique that can help us to relax.

The Way to Receive Energy is to Relax

      Now that we ore relaxed, energy can easily enter our bodies. Even as you listen to me speak, whether you’re present here or are watching through the webcast, your body may start to have a reaction. For example, you may feel a light cool breeze blowing at your back or waist, or the soles of your feet may let out cool air. Yes, your body’s moisture and sickness will be removed through the soles of your feet or your toes. Others may burp continuously due to problems with their digestive system, visceral problems, liver and stomach problems. This Is not because you ate too much; it Is to clear the unhealthy substances within your body. When the powerful energy I have spoken of is transferred to your body, it will automatically begin to produce healing effects.

      The flow of energy will be disrupted if your clothes are too tight. Jeans are restrictive! If your belt is too tight, loosen it but don’t undo it completely as that would be ungracious, and would lead to trouble once you stand up! Just a little loosening will do. Yes, relax and you will be able to feel the energy.


Meditation & Health No 9 - Table of Contents