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Golden Mountain

Artwork by Grandmaster JinBodhi

      In his youth, Grandmaster JinBodhi was surrounded by the staggering beauty of Tibet. This painting gives us a gorgeous glimpse of a mystical mountain known locally as Sacred God Mountain. Hefting itself toward Heaven and endowed with gold, precious stones and agate, this Tibetan range frequently changes color — blue and white in the morning, golden yellow in the evening, dark blue on a cloudy day — and is also known as Golden Mountain. Residing at its foot is a millennial cypress tree that emanates extraordinary grace. Grandmaster JinBodhi created this painting after completing a meditation, wishing that whoever sees it is blessed with abundance and good luck.


      As the calendar turns to a New Year, and Chinese New Year approaches, we are reminded again that each moment contains the possibility of a fresh start, the seed of transformation. Infinite possibilities ore contained In the Now: Turning the year to a new page serves to highlight that which is always true. Peace Is our flue nature —may the year 2014 and the Year of the Horse see us experiencing our highest reality.

      In a poem about the healing power of the walking meditation Bagua, Grandmaster JinBodhi tells us:

“May our mind and body return
To the truth of Heaven and Earth.
No body, no fatigue, no pain.
No worries, no problems. no sorrow.
Neither light nor heavy, neither gain nor loss.”

       It is equanimity we seek, the opportunity to experience the freedom and strength that is who and what we have always been, and who and what we will always be. For those of us for whom winter means long nights and cold days, now Is also a time to recall that Mother Nature provides her own wise teachings about the power of the human spirit to endure and triumph. “In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me on invincible summer.” wrote author and philosopher Albert Camus.

      Bodhi Meditation allows us to return to the truth of ourselves. To our creative source. To our strength. Visionary science — and artists and great creators of all sorts — tells us that meditation enhances creativity. We also explore the teachings of the druids, spiritual masters of the ancient Celts, and ore reminded again of the kinship of faiths across the ages. We touch on women’s health, sharing wisdom needed to nurture the uterus, our feminine creative center, And Grandmaster JinBodhi brings us timeless wisdom for daily living.

      Welcome to 2014, and to experiencing afresh the beauty of who we are.

Melia McClure



Meditation & Health No 8 - Table of Contents