Meditation & Health No 2 - Table of Contents


Weight Loss Methods


        Excerpt from Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Teachings


Drink Water


        One of the most effective and easy methods of shedding excess pounds is drinking water.

         For many people, “it is easy to take in food, but hard to get rid of it.” In other words, the digestive system is compromised, which promotes weight gain.

         To improve digestion, Grandmaster JinBodhi highly recommends drinking a glass of pure, room-temperature water 10 minutes before each meal.  

          For those who struggle with constipation, drink a large glass of pure water immediately upon waking.    It is worth mentioning that, in extreme cases, a little salt, vinegar, and balsamic vinegar should be added to the water.  

          During menstruation, women should support their bodies by drinking warm water.


Keep a Good Mood


           It is important not to underestimate the impact of maintaining a positive mood, both on the weight loss process and on life in general.  A positive, upbeat outlook will add healthy and flowing energy to the body and the diet.  There is life in everything.  All animals and plants can perceive and hear mood and words, and thus the food that is eaten, and how it is assimilated by the body, can be transformed by emotions.


Do Excercise


          And, of course, in addition to the above, consistent exercise is key.  Common forms of exercise such as jogging and playing sports can be combined with meditation to great effect – and an even greater slimming effect is possible through adding the practice of prostration.

          Prostration can bring about both health and wisdom.  To lose weight, prevent obesity and improve health and stamina, begin practicing today.

          Losing weight should be done gradually over a period of about three months to more than a year, depending on a person’s weight loss goals, health, and life situation.  Every moment is a new beginning – take action now!



Meditation & Health No 2 - Table of Contents