Meditation & Health No 1 - Table of Contents


Why Us?


What is Bodhi Meditation?


       On a material level, the rapid pace of modern life and accompanying expectations of efficiency have greatly enriched our lives. At the same time, the constant daily demands of a fast-paced world often cause enormous stress and insecurity on both societal and personal levels. As such, increasing numbers of people from every walk of life are opting to rediscover natural balance, both in body and mind, through the practice of meditation. Bodhi Meditation is a unique method by which to foster physical and psychological health. It clears the way for peace and tranquility, opening the door to greater joy in life.


Choosing the Right Source


       The most fundamental component of Bodhi Meditation’s uniqueness lies with its founder, Meditation Grandmaster JinBodhi. Sickly and weak as a child, Grandmaster JinBodhi suffered through terrible affliction. Later, benefiting from meditation practices, he developed a healthy body and a powerfully focused mind. Grandmaster JinBodhi is also widely esteemed for his practical and theoretical life wisdom, accrued in part through the detailed study of Buddhist thought.

       Grandmaster JinBodhi is now committed to freeing people of disease, helping them achieve optimal states of health and joy.

       After several decades of meditation training, the Master is fully adept in various teachings; furthermore, he is well-versed in the integration of meditation theory with worldly systems. Thus, his creation, Bodhi Meditation, is a unique amalgamation of diverse teachings and practices.

       Grandmaster JinBodhi has been sharing these extraordinary and effective practices since 1991—millions have already benefited.


Getting Results: Effective & Healing


        Grandmaster JinBodhi asserts that most physical suffering originates in mental anxiety; as such, to realize true health, anxiety must first be addressed. Externally, meditation practitioners strengthen physique and improve general health. Internally, they cultivate the mind and improve disposition. The functions of each part of the body can be recalibrated through Bodhi Meditation. Where there is blockage, there will be clearing; where there is anger or anxiety, peace can be established. When peace governs the mind, a nourishing flow of blood circulates fully and steadily throughout the body.

        Meditation is focused on experiential learning, both internally and externally, its effects manifest rapidly.

        Bodhi Meditation also facilitates non-physical benefits, progressively improving a practitioner’s understanding of self, nature and the world. Thoughts become clearer, more lucid and more organized, encouraging greater productivity at work and overall balance in life. Health and joy are natural extensions of this resultant way of thinking.

        Despite its relatively short duration, the 8.5-Day Meditation and Fitness Retreat Program provides remarkable improvements in both mental and physical wellness. Thus, Bodhi Meditation’s growth is, to a great extent, fuelled by word of mouth.




         While preserving the essential elements of traditional practices, Bodhi Meditation employs only those components most suited to self-cultivation in the modern world. As a result, comprehending and utilizing these once ancient and mysterious techniques is now an accessible process. Though Bodhi Meditation originated in Buddhist theory, it is independent of any religious system or practice. Meditation practitioners range from Christian to Buddhist, housewife to professor, differing in age, gender, culture, language, creed, profession and background—Bodhi Meditation offers the possibility of health and joy to all.


Bodhi Meditation—For Health, for Life!



Meditation & Health No 1 - Table of Contents