Meditation & Health #7 Contents

Breathing New Life at the Age of Sixty

Translation by Henny Kusuma
Song-Hao, Singapore

Before I came to know of Bodhi Meditation, I was addicted to mahjong. I would spend most of my days playing mahjong, in addition to spending S$800 – $900 on lottery tickets. My gambling habit not only affected my daily household tasks, but took a toll on my physical health. I had been suffering from asthma and was on medication for more than ten years. My condition was further aggravated by the cigarette smoke that I inhaled from my fellow mahjong playmates, who smoked during the mahjong sessions.

It was Dharma Sister Song-Ling who introduced me to Bodhi Meditation. I felt repugnant initially but upon her persistent follow-up calls, I relented and participated in one of the Bodhi Meditation Center activities. It was at this event that I realized the people at the Center are very cordial and welcoming, and I remembered that I went home with a very pleasant feeling. This happiness prompted me to join subsequent activities.

In November 2012, I signed up to partake in the lamp offering ceremony and the healing session, which were held in celebration of the Birthday of the Medicine Buddha. I also registered for the Bodhi Meditation Health and Fitness class. I vomited during the healing session, and thereafter, my whole body felt very comfortable. After this session, I gained faith in Bodhi Meditation. I started practicing the Meditation of Greater Illumination, and the chanting of the Medicine Buddha Mantra daily.

Half year after joining the meditation, I was due for my regular body checkup at the hospital. Looking puzzled, the doctor in charged told me that I do not have to continue taking my asthma medication anymore. In less than half year, I had recovered from my asthma which had laden me with medicine for the past ten years. Apart from that, I had also lost weight. I now weigh 65kg, down from my original 79kg.

At the Health and Fitness class, one of the Bodhi Teachers had commented that “one should live one’s life with a purpose”, which moved me deeply. At the end of that day’s class, I instantaneously made a firm resolution at the center to change my lifestyle and habits. On that same day, I gave away my 10 mahjong game sets and had since quitted playing mahjong as well as lottery.

I am grateful that at the age of sixty I managed to regain a healthy life. It was through Bodhi Mediation that I recovered from my asthma and quitted my gambling habit; an addiction which had plagued me for more than 26 years.

I have finally found my life purpose too. Besides practicing the Meditation of Greater Illumination together with other Dharma Sisters, we introduce Bodhi Meditation to others and volunteer at the Singapore Bodhi Meditation Center. I wish for more people to experience a healthy and happy life, just like what I have today!

Meditation & Health #7 Contents