Meditation & Health #6 Contents

Susan’s Inspiration

By Susan Bai, 14 years old, Vancouver

Meditating on the soft lotus cushion with many questions and a great deal of eagerness for Buddhadharma, I was looking forward to what I would learn on the first day of the Bodhi Meditation Third Level Retreat. Before I realized it, the first day’s practice and energy healing were over. I enjoyed the Master’s wise Zen words. What’s more, I was very much impressed by his broad mind and high aspirations, and his concept of governing by virtue and compassion. But still, many questions remained. Can I achieve my goal? Should I take notes while listening to the lectures? If I don’t, I might forget what is said; if I do, I may miss something important. And since my body isn’t connected to the Master’s, how can our hearts be linked? With these questions in mind, I started the second day’s practice.

On the second day, we watched Awakening the Inner Buddha and in it, the Master’s simple words answered all my questions. He said, “If scientists extract my DNA one day, they’ll find the words ‘infinite compassion’ engraved on it.” So, how do I take notes and how do I link my heart to the Master’s? Here are the answers: While listening to the lectures, I visualize the Master’s every single word being engraved on each cell of my body and going further into the depth of my soul; I feel Master’s compassionate blood flowing in my heart. Only when you engrave his teachings on your cells can you become one with the Master’s words and the Master himself.

One disciple asked him: “Have you used this meditation method to liberate yourself from suffering?” The Master’s answer left me dumbfounded: “I have never thought of being liberated from suffering. I only think of freeing all sentient beings from suffering and helping them to gain happiness.” At that moment and right in front of the Master, I secretly engraved my promise, which had also been my goal when I signed up for the Retreat, on my cells. “After I acquire this amazing dharma,” I promised, “I’ll offer everything beneficial to all sentient beings. I’ll dedicate myself to all sentient beings, society at large, the Buddha and Bodhi’s mission of love.”

In one flower one world is seen; on one leaf enlightenment is revealed; in one word the Universe is contained. A complete transformation requires nothing but an unforgettable moment. I was totally transformed at the Third Level Retreat.

Hands together, palm to palm, with gratitude.

Meditation & Health #6 Contents