Meditation & Health #6 Contents

Standing Tall Again

Translation by Shengning about Chai Jin How, Malaysia

I had bone spurs in my waist area for more than 10 years. I had surgery but it didn’t correct the problem. Worse still, it damaged my tendons. Hence, four or five years after the surgery, my back pain returned. At that time, I had seen both Western and Chinese doctors and consumed a lot of medications, but to no avail.

The waist problem led to pain in my legs and I felt as if my tendons had been pulled, which affected my mobility. I couldn’t stand for long; no longer than 15 minutes. As the waist pain worsened, I experienced excruciating burning sensations. The pain was beyond words. I was miserable and unable to move. I couldn’t take care of my life, having to rely on my neighbor to do basic things like grocery shopping.

On May 1, 2011, a dharma brother saw my condition and persuaded me to resume my practice of Bodhi Meditation, which I had left off a while previously.

My dharma brother got me to watch a DVD of Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings, Energy and Blessings. Some awesome things began to happen. As I watched, I was frightened to discover that my belly was becoming bloated, gradually swelling. After a while, my stomach slowly shrank and a lot of gas was expelled. I felt very comfortable immediately. Intrigued, I decided to resume my practice.

In the beginning, due to leg pain, I couldn’t even stand properly and I could only practice in the sitting position. When the pain became really excruciating, I mentally entreated Grandmaster JinBodhi to alleviate it. After my requests, the sensation of pain subsided. After practicing with difficulty for a week, I could stand while meditating for half an hour, and gradually I progressed to the point where I could stand for two hours continuously.

When I started prostration practice, I almost couldn’t stand up once I had lowered myself to the ground. But after making a sustained effort, I can now do it nonstop for an hour.

I no longer take medication and I have not seen a doctor for more than a year. Although my leg still causes me pain sometimes, my condition has improved tremendously. I can walk for a whole morning without a problem – and even run! Daily shopping doesn’t pose problems anymore and so I don’t have to trouble my neighbors to take care of me.

The recovery of my health has uplifted my mood a lot. I firmly believe that as long as I persevere with my practice, my illness will be cured completely.

My heart is filled with gratitude for all the things that Bodhi Meditation has brought me, and my gratitude also extends to the dharma brother who encouraged me to resume my cultivation.

Meditation & Health #6 Contents