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Medical Miracles: Healing Diabetes and Chronic Pain

By Peter Lu, New York

In June of 2012, I attended a Bodhi Meditation Retreat for beginners at New York Center and started to seriously practice the great healer known as prostration to reduce the pain in my neck, shoulder and back that was the result of a major car accident in 2010.

In the beginning, I never dreamed that prostration could help the major illness that I’d been struggling with – diabetes. I knew that many, many people had been miraculously healed by Grandmaster JinBodhi’s meditation methods, even those with congenital illnesses, but I wasn’t sure that I would experience a miracle myself. Yet when I was introduced to prostration, I knew deep within me that it would help my total wellbeing. I stopped taking my diabetes medication, which I’d taken for the past six years.

I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic in 2005. At first, I took a medication called Metaformin, 1000 mg daily. About a year later, my blood sugar level was still high so my doctor prescribed a new medication, Januvia, which, at about five dollars per tablet, is expensive. Januvia eventually stopped being effective and my blood sugar level went pretty high, up to 290 mg/dL after a meal (normal range is 80 to 140/150 mg/dL). Before I began practicing prostration, I couldn’t drink soda or eat bagels, and could consume only small amounts of bread and rice.

I urinated frequently, with urgency, often once every 30 minutes. Sometimes prior to sleep, I had to go to the bathroom every five minutes. During important meetings and activities, I would often have to excuse myself suddenly. Furthermore, I used to get up several times at night to use the toilet, and thus never really got a good night’s rest. A couple of times when I was driving and got stuck in a traffic jam, I wet my pants.

However, when I went to see doctors about the issue, I was told that my urinary symptoms were not caused by diabetes. I consulted one of the best urologists in the United States. After diagnostics, I was told that my bladder and kidney functioned well, and my symptoms were not due to a urological illness. Basically, I was unable to find the help I desperately needed in conventional medicine.

On the morning of August 1, 2012, I felt weak and tired. I checked my blood sugar level and the reading was 186 mg/dL, exceeding the normal range. I went to the “quiet room” in my company (I’ve been a scientist for more than 30 years) and practiced prostration for 20 minutes. Then I went back to my desk and measured my blood sugar level again. To my surprise, it had dropped to 120 mg/dL. I did the same experiment on August 2nd, 3rd and 9th and found that my initial result was repeatable. My test results showed that practicing prostration could effectively lower a high blood sugar level to the normal range. On August 9th, I reported my blood sugar results to New York Center.

After that, I diligently continued to practice prostration, adding Greater Illumination and Bagua, a walking meditation. Prior to my trip to China on October 17, 2012, I typically did 108 prostrations, Greater Illumination and 30 minutes of Bagua on a daily basis. My health, energy level and spiritual awareness were dramatically improved. My blood sugar level dropped to around 160 mg/dL, remaining consistently close to the normal range.

I spent about three weeks in China, during which time I was pretty sick. I had diarrhea and headaches for the first two weeks of my visit. I threw up everything I ate one night, fasted for two days and thereafter dared not eat any restaurant food. After I returned home, I was still very weak and my energy level was so low that I couldn’t practice any of the Bodhi methods.

In early January 2013, my blood sugar level shot up as high as 250 mg/dL. Alarmed, I pushed myself to start practicing prostration again. But weakened as I was, I could barely do 30 to 40 prostrations daily. However, surprisingly, my blood sugar level kept dropping and became normal. When I didn’t practice for a week because I was busy at work, my blood sugar level jumped as high as 190 mg/dL. But as soon as I restarted my practice, my blood sugar normalized, remaining steady from January 18th to February 1st. Then I became really busy repairing the condo I had purchased and didn’t practice prostration for about two weeks. As a result of not practicing, my blood sugar level spiked as high as 224 mg/dL. I restarted prostration on February 26th and my blood sugar level once again became normal.

These results showed me that daily prostration not only can lower high blood sugar levels to the normal range, but also can lead to the healing of diabetes. In Western medicine, generally speaking, the symptoms of diabetes can only be managed and maintained, or they get worse, but cannot be healed. In contrast, practicing prostration not only lowers blood sugar. Most of my diabetes symptoms are much better. I can manage for four or five hours without going to the restroom. I no longer need to get up at night to urinate and now sleep like a baby. I am eating my favorite bagels every morning, and sometimes, as a treat, I even drink soda.

And what about the reason I came to the Bodhi Center in the first place, the chronic pain from my car accident? In July of 2010, my stopped car was hit by an SUV and the impact caused my vehicle to fly forward about 120 feet (36 meters). My car was totaled and doctors later diagnosed me as having more than a dozen herniated areas in my neck and back. Terrible pain day and night severely curtailed my quality of life. But once I began to practice Greater Illumination, Bagua and prostration, my pain was substantially reduced.

I cannot adequately express my gratitude for Bodhi Meditation, which has radically improved my health and thus my overall quality of life. Grandmaster JinBodhi has created medical miracles.

Meditation & Health #6 Contents