Meditation & Health #5 Contents

Zen Master Seven Miles and the Bandit

1. Once upon a time, a thief broke into a Zen master’s house…

   Hey! Where’s the money? Hand it over!

2. Oh yes, it’s here in the drawer. Help yourself, if you like.

3. Do be so kind as to leave some for me, or I will starve, you know.


4. Oh, that’s right. I don’t have to make him go hungry, that’s too mean!

5. My dear friend, you have taken my money. Don’t you think it’s natural to say a word of thanks?

   !…I better do as 12 he says.

6. Thank you, sir.
   You’re very welcome!

7. A few days later, the thief was caught.
   We shall ask him to testify against you, once and for all.

   Now that there is no way out, I may as well confess. The truth is, prior to this robbery, I also stole some money from Zen Master Seven Miles

8. Steal? Of course not! I let him take the money, and he even thanked me for it, how can that be counted as stealing?


9. Due to the master’s words, your punishment is now less severe. You may go.

10. The great Zen master’s actions have purified my heart and soul! I must turn over a new leaf and become a man worthy of respect, just like him!

11. No, I cannot accept you.
   For three days he knelt outside the master’s window, hoping to be accepted as a disciple.

12. Hmm! Your sincerity has moved me. I shall take you as a disciple after all.

You too have now seen how the power of a small act of kindness can bring health, wisdom and success!

Meditation & Health #5 Contents