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Water Knows the Message… Do You?

By Gu-Feng Translated by Shing-Ning

Water Is an Important Part of Us!

An aerial view of the Earth has revealed it as a blue planet because 70% of its surface is covered with water. Coincidentally, 70% of the human body is water. Mankind cannot do without water. While we could live without food for seven days or more, we may not survive even three days without water.

Water takes on different forms in the water cycle to calibrate the Earth’s environment to support life. Water also calibrates the temperature of the human body, maintaining it at a level suitable for growth. Furthermore, thanks to water, the human body is able to digest and absorb various food nutrients, and we are able to rear cattle, grow crops and sustain the cycle of life.

Water is intricately linked to our lives. This is reflected in our daily routines. Without water, we cannot cleanse ourselves, cook our food or keep places clean. After oxygen, water is the next critical element required to support life on Earth.

Does Water Know The Message?

Perhaps the supreme importance of water is the reason why many legends from various Asian countries reflect the people’s reverence for Divine beings from rivers, streams and lakes with the ability to communicate and interact with humans. On the other hand, Western scientific analysis confirms water as merely a composite substance with two elements, hydrogen and oxygen. So how can it have any Divine force and wisdom?

As such, when Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan published the findings of his water crystallisation experiments, ‘Message from Water’, it was truly earth-shaking news!

Dr. Emoto and his colleagues observed the formation of water crystals during the freezing process using microscopes with high magnification. Water samples were taken from different sources. Just when the ice cube was about to dissolve, they took photographs of the water crystals emerging at each moment using high-speed photography techniques. The results showed that water samples from different sources gave rise to different water crystals. For instance, water from the city was unable to form water crystals; similarly, water that was placed near the television set, the computer and the mobile phone could not crystallise; while unpolluted spring water from the mountains produced magnificent crystals.

This may not appear to be extraordinary, as it is common knowledge that pollution and radiation have enormous destructive power. What was amazing was the claim by Dr. Emoto – that water not only reflects images, words and music around it (as when we use a placid lake or pond as a mirror), it also reflects the human thoughts (consciousness) surrounding it!

When words and phrases such as ‘thank you’, ‘grateful’, ‘love’, ‘very beautiful’, ‘happiness’ and ‘food prepared by Mum’ or images depicting similar meaning were pasted on glass bottles filled with water samples, with the words or images facing inwards, the resultant water crystals were not only well formed, but were distinctively beautiful! Verbalising similar words to the water samples created similar effects.

Conversely, negative words such as ‘bastard’, ‘you’re no good’, ‘disgusting’, ‘unfortunately’, ‘war’ and images or written/verbal words of similar meaning, produced broken, ugly and dim water crystals. It is similar to how a child brightens up with a beautiful smile when he hears that he will be given a sweet, but turns moody and downcast when he hears that he will be getting a beating.

When various musical pieces were played to the water, the formation of the water crystals resonated with the music, resembling spring flowers, the autumn moon and pictures drawn by people in different moods!

The water crystals presented a pristine and ethereal beauty after hearing Beethoven’s ‘Pastoral Symphony’; and upon hearing Mozart Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, the water crystals appeared as resplendent as pearls. Conversely, water samples exposed to heavy metal music produced water crystals which looked dejected and listless.

Yes! Water can hear, see, comprehend and feel!

Many more experiments have shown that water responds to the thoughts of human beings, both in immediate proximity and remotely.

On the morning of 25 July 1999, at the lakeside of Japan’s largest lake – Lake Biwa – 350 persons prayed earnestly for an hour for the water to become clean. One month later, the press in Kyoto reported: “The complaints about Lake Biwa have reduced because the spread of a water algae condition has improved and the foul odour from the algae has disappeared.” The prayers had gotten rid of a 20-year-old problem.

On the same date in 2003, Dr. Emoto undertook another large-scale experiment: He first took pictures of crystals formed by potable water from Tokyo, then left a bottle of the same potable water in an office in Tokyo. Next, a few thousand miles away, some 200 people faced the direction of Tokyo and offered love and gratitude to the water in this bottle. Water crystals from water in this bottle were photographed after the mass blessing. Comparison of two sets of photographs showed astonishing results: The water prior to the mass blessing did not form any water crystals, whilst the water after the mass blessing formed glittering water crystals of blooming flowers in complex octagonal designs!

If Water Really Knows

Dr. Emoto contends that these experiments proved one point: Water has the ability to replicate, remember, feel and transmit messages!

If it is true that water does react to words, images, music and even thoughts, just think of how far-reaching the effects of this discovery could be!

Water’s Significance to the Earth

More than 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. Be it liquid water or solid ice, whether it is clouds in the sky or snow or water from rivers, lakes and streams, water can understand the human mindset; i.e. read and comprehend words and drawings, listen and understand the underlying meaning of words and music, even receive and understand messages from the thoughts of human beings and reflect these thoughts. If water is able to comprehend the words which human beings use daily, be they kind words or evil, offensive or friendly, would water react and change accordingly?

Given that most people are seething with anger, hatred, jealousy and rivalry, and that the circulation of such thoughts and feelings is intensified by bad news of misfortune and calamities daily, it’s possible that we have deeply influenced water’s appearance and its vibes. Thus, can such water still nurture all living things and bring about vibrant life, and calibrate the Earth’s temperature to support human habitation? For example, if a piece of 1000-year-old ginseng were soaked in ‘low-concentration’ poison for a period of time, would this ginseng still have a regenerative effect on human beings?

Water’s Influence on the Human Body

Water makes up 70% of the human body. If water in the body receives positive vibes and becomes beautiful, the body correspondingly grows and glows, and functions with vitality. Conversely, if water in the body receives negative vibes, the body is likely to become dysfunctional and lethargic! Prolonged negative moods could lead the body to extremely sickly conditions.

If water really has Divine consciousness and can truly feel and understand, as well as change correspondingly, then the foregoing contention is fair.

Dr. Emoto performed another experiment that used distilled water samples; one sample did not see the words of ‘love and gratitude’ while another sample was shown those words. Both samples were put into a microwave oven for heating. Following that, the water sample that did not see the ‘love and gratitude’ could not crystallise; while the other sample that saw these words could crystallise. Does this not indicate that our positive thoughts (consciousness) can influence the water within our body, and help us to counter powerful microwave radiation?

Who Else Knows?

In Dr. Emoto’s experiments, pure water from natural sources was able to form water crystals, while tap water with chlorine added, and water severely polluted, was unable to crystallise. Perhaps the elements of water are not the only factors that give rise to water crystal formation.

According to science, water is an organic substance formed by two elements, hydrogen and oxygen. Pure water from natural sources is rarely found in our current environment. Water in our current environment is often acidic, alkaline, or salty, whereas pure water from various natural sources contains varying amounts of minerals. Although water from these different sources differs in the composition of minerals, all of it had similar reactions after seeing the same words or images, or hearing similar types of music, and formed water crystals according to these reactions.

Most of the elements needed to create life can be found in pure water from natural sources. If these elements can communicate with the images, words and sounds created by men, then does it not mean that all things can communicate with mankind?

During the 2012 summer camp organised by the New York Bodhi Meditation Centre, children used strawberries to verify Dr. Emoto’s findings. The strawberries were divided into three groups – praise and gratitude group, blame and hatred group, and one control group, and placed on three separate experiment benches.

Once a day, the children would congregate at the ‘love’ experiment bench, and under the teacher’s guidance, give out signals and thoughts of love and gratitude to the strawberries; at the ‘hate’ experiment bench, they would articulate all the words normally used on foods they did not like; the control group was placed on the third experiment bench, and left on its own. Three days later, the experiment results showed clearly the differences between the three groups of strawberries. The ‘hate-receiving’ strawberries not only rotted fastest and were in the worst state, they also started to discharge a yellow liquid, and one could detect an awful smell and see a thick bunch of fruit flies surrounding them; the ‘love’ strawberries also changed somewhat, but there was no yellow liquid and no strange smell or fruit flies; the ‘control group’ strawberries saw some degree of decomposition with yellow liquid flowing, but there were no fruit flies.

Hence one could say that water, and perhaps other substances too, are all listening, seeing, comprehending and feeling the words and thoughts of human beings, and making a series of corresponding changes.

The Energy of Images, Words and Consciousness

In the water crystal experiments, changes to water crystals came about because water could ‘see’ or ‘hear’ images, words, sounds, and ‘feel’ the thoughts of mankind. That being the case, do these images, words, sounds and thoughts have earth-shattering energy? Energy must exist in them before they can be transmitted to water!

While painting an image, our moods can vary from anger to cheerfulness, hatred to happiness, so our painting may carry mixed signals and therefore reveal different moods to the viewers.

When we casually cast a curse, such words or sounds unleash a destructive energy at the other person; and when we casually give a word of praise, a beautiful flower blooms in the heart of the other person. When we take unsightly visuals and transmit them online for everyone to see, we are destroying the balance between the positive and negative energies in this world, and will bring ourselves bad luck; but when we describe an awesome and beautiful legend, we will have an effect on others and ourselves, making all of us better and more blessed.

According to a Chinese saying, ‘You reap what you sow, and will receive the outcome (karma) in this life.’ The English equivalent is ‘What goes around comes around.’ Probably, our ancestors already had the wisdom to see through all worldly woes, and recognise that our thoughts and intentions are the causes of our circumstances and burdens.

Different People Have Different Views

Dr. Emoto’s water crystal experiments have led countless people to ponder on their significance. While mainstream scientists did not recognise them as scientific experiments, they did not deny them either. His works have led many to make positive wishes and give positive encouragement to others.

While scientists need to carry out more scientific experiments to support these findings, we now know we can improve our health and happiness by listening to meditation music that exudes auspicious and stabilising energy.

Meditation & Health #5 Contents