Meditation & Health #5 Contents

Enlivening Your Mood at Home

Pastel-Coloured Curtains Bring Warmth, Brightness and Cleanliness

I stood up and opened the window, breathing in the cool fresh air. Due to heavy workload, my mood was down, as if saddled with dust. After sitting for some time, I felt slightly fatigued. Right! Let’s change the window curtains; I can move around and change my mood at the same time. I took down the current set of dark blue window curtains and replaced it with a light blue set. The light blue window curtains danced gently in the air, brightening up the entire home and the ‘dust’ in my heart disappeared.

Cleanliness Brings Brand-New Visual Effects

Turning around, I saw the mess of things next to the computer – mobile phone, materials, tea cups, etc. – and could not help but smile. If my body was this house, its natural energy would not be able to move smoothly; all the different items had been messed up for a long time, causing blockages here and there. Wherever there is an accumulation of objects, an energy field adverse to the body is created; or, in simple terms, such visual effects may foul up our mood. To clean up our state of mind, we have to start by cleaning up the desk. When everything is in its rightful place, throw away any unwanted items, and clean the table once again: Look at your neat desk now – it is as pleasing as a blooming flower.

Clean up the mess – that’s essential to a good home. Do not become a house-cleaning slave; a minor mess is what makes a house a home, while the children are the ‘fruits’ of tolerance and love.

I forgot to highlight that while the house should be clean and tidy, one should not overly pursue cleanliness! Insistence on a shining glass (to the point of reflection) and correct placement of all items will not bring relaxation and happiness, but instead creates anxiety. A Chinese saying goes like this: ‘Things taken to the extreme create the opposite effect.’

Excessive pursuit of cleanliness and a sheer lack of tolerance for the existence of dirt will create lots of problems. Firstly, it brings conflict, as it is almost impossible to maintain the squeaky-clean state that comes after tidying up; the mess that comes with normal living is natural. Cleaning up again after the mess builds up is essential to a good home. But being obsessed with cleanliness will result in the home becoming an environment in which it is hard to relax. Cleanliness should bring joy to the owner, but the owner should not become enslaved to cleanliness; this is definitely not what we want.

When excessive pursuit of cleanliness becomes an eccentricity, it may possibly result in infertility, as subconsciously it signifies a non-acceptance of the mess and noise that come with children, especially a happy family with lots of children where every single home detail reflects tolerance and flexibility. If we want to have lots of children, we could try to tolerate a bit of mess, and let the house be filled with cosiness and joy, as mess makes a house a home.

Music Is the Candle of Our Life Journey

Doing a suitable amount of housework helps to exercise the body and perk up our mood. After which, sit down, turn on the stereo system, and play a piece of meditation music. The relaxing melodies fill the air; the music is like dewdrops that nourish the heart and body, allowing the tense and tight brain to slowly relax. On such evenings, after a hard day’s work, soft gentle music brightens up the mood, just like how the setting sun dyes the clouds red.

Pu-Erh Tea Brings Fragrance and Memories

While listening to the melodious meditation music, make yourself a small pot of pu-erh tea, and slowly sip it. Pu-erh tea is gentle by nature, and unlike green tea, it will not stimulate your senses too much, but will strengthen your spleen and gastric system. Also, this tea leaves behind a rich, lingering aftertaste for you to savour.

Meditation & Health #5 Contents