Meditation & Health #5 Contents

Inspirational Jokes

Extracted from the Internet, Illustration by Albert Chia

The Broken Dishes

After dinner, the mother and daughter started washing dishes in the kitchen while the father and son watched television in the living room.


Suddenly from the kitchen came the shattering sound of dishes breaking. And then, silence ensued.

The son looked at his father and said: “It must be Mother who broke the dishes.”

“How do you know?” The father asked.

“Well, because Mum did not scold Sister,” The son answered matter-of-factly.

1. We are very accustomed to having double standards when judging ourselves and others. We tend to be strict and harsh to others while lenient to ourselves.
2. Observe how your actions are having an impact on others and observe how you react to your surroundings and to what’s happening. What kind of impression are you giving to others?

My Horrible Neighbour

A: “My new neighbour is really hateful and infuriating. Late last night, he kept ringing my doorbell for no rhyme or reason!”

B: “Wow! That is indeed horrible! Did you report him to the police?”

A: “No. I just regarded him as crazy and continued playing my trumpet.”

There’s a reason for everything that happens. Should you first observe yourself and realise your own flaws, your response would then be totally different.

The Pig

Joe Smith was driving leisurely on the mountain road, taking in the beautiful scenery around him.

Suddenly, an oncoming lorry driver rolled down the window of his lorry and shouted, “Pig!”

On hearing this, Smith was instantaneously infuriated. He rolled down his car window and cursed, “You’re the pig!”

When he turned back to look at the road, he immediately ran into a herd of pigs that was crossing the road.

Look at things with a broader perspective and be ready to receive the abundance of kindness. Do not misinterpret the kindness of others. Not only is this not beneficial, you may also easily humiliate and anger others.

Meditation & Health #5 Contents