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A Lovely Surprise: Meditation Is Nurturing My Children

By An-Mi, Singapore

During the holidays in June 2012, I sent my son, Teck Khang, and daughter, Swee Ting, to Bodhi Meditation’s inaugural Mind Leap Programme for Children. As it was a new programme at Singapore Bodhi Meditation Centre, I had little if any knowledge of what the course would be like. However, after having benefited from the Meditation and Fitness Retreat myself, I was confident my children would also benefit from this Retreat. Hence, after obtaining their agreement, I signed them up for the eight-day Mind Leap Programme for Children.

The Mind Leap Programme for Children included two core meditation practices: The Meditation of Awakening Wisdom and Full Prostration. Initially, I had reservations that my energetic and hyperactive children would find the Retreat boring and refuse to attend after a few days. However, it was soon apparent that I had worried too much – I did not hear any complaint from them and in fact they enjoyed themselves immensely. Everyday, I heard them laughing and singing joyously before reaching the house. Such a sense of happiness radiating from my children was one that I have never seen in my years of taking care of them. It was a lovely surprise.

Another surprise came in the changes I saw in my children. My typically shy, reserved, introverted son had usually agreed to his elder sister’s every wish. But after the Retreat, there was one instance he actually turned down his sister’s unreasonable demands and even rebuked her; she was speechless. Looking on, I was glad at this development, “Ah, my son has finally learnt how to stand up for himself.”

On the other hand, my elder daughter, who is currently at the rebellious stage of her adolescent years, has learnt to reflect on her actions more. She has learnt to be more tolerant of her brother and is nicer to him now. Additionally, I notice that she has grown more compassionate and sympathetic – she often sheds tears of pity or rants with rage whenever she watches videos of animal abuse and violence on the Internet. In the past, she was aloof and indifferent to all the happenings around her. She has been transformed completely; she is caring and attentive and is no longer self-centred.

After the Retreat, both of them have since continued practising The Meditation of Awakening Wisdom diligently to de-stress and enhance their memory, and we have seen improvement in their academic results. Previously, Teck Khang was very dependent and passive in his studies; now he is not only independent, but he even takes the initiative to complete his homework. As for Swee Ting, her classmates and teachers were amazed at the sudden improvement in her results.

Children nowadays are rather intelligent and mainly face no difficulty in their studies. However, smart children may not have good personalities and be happy. Children equipped with wisdom know how to interact with others, are forgiving, receptive and are responsible for their actions. In order to nurture children with such character, the parents themselves have to be noble. Regretfully, neither my husband nor I are great examples for our children. Hence, we are really fortunate to have the affinity with Bodhi Meditation and Grandmaster JinBodhi, a truly enlightened and compassionate Master. Master’s influential energy has guided our family for the better, especially our children. At the age when their characters are most malleable, they have the opportunity to be guided by Master’s teachings. As a result, they are now more compassionate and loving. Also, the effective practices of Master are simple, making it easy for them to persevere, granting them wisdom and great results.

Seeing the changes in my children, I believe that they will become successful individuals of high moral character should they continue with their practices. At the same time, my husband and I will definitely continue with Bodhi Meditation practices and strive to become better role models for our children.

Lastly, I just want to express my gratitude towards Grandmaster JinBodhi – thank you, Master, for the love and care you have shown us.

Meditation & Health #5 Contents