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All the experiences I had in CYEA make up my world, each shaping my dreams in different ways. These experiences and learning journeys have nurtured in me a desire to use my skills to create something new, something big, something that will change the world.
Quanwei Brian Hu, 18

I was in need of desperate help, but there was nowhere to turn to. Then my friend, Kara, introduced me to CYEA. I was amazed by the passion and warmth they showed towards newcomers and the superior knowledge they had on various fields.
Susn Bai, 14

CYEA has given me a place to take risks and overcome my fears of Chinese language and public speaking. In addition, CYEA has given me opportunities to explore my creative side with projects in the real world.
Kara Zhang, 14

Dare to Dream and Meditate Without Doubts

By Si-Ying, Singapore

The eight-day Mind Leap Programme in June 2012 was a remarkable experience – exhausting, hectic, and yet interesting and fruitful. I’m thankful to the group of children I was leading; they were generally well-behaved and focused. My greatest takeaway was getting a first-hand look at the pure and untainted mental state of children. Despite having past interaction with children in the Singapore Bodhi Meditation Centre, this Retreat gave me a greater insight into this particular aspect of children.

While practising The Meditation of Awakening Wisdom, the children did not question or doubt the practice, they just believed what they were told. Despite the fact that some of them were not focused at times, they still benefited tremendously. In contrast, adults or teenagers tend to question and doubt whatever is given to them. I think this is something that we can learn from the children; perhaps this is how we should live as well – avoid being overly uptight about issues in our lives, and take things in stride. Essentially, I admire the purity of children’s mental state – something that adults have somehow lost along the way.

Another interesting observation was that the older children were less inclined to dream and have goals about their future. When the children were told to draw their future goals, the younger kids excitedly penned down their dreams whilst those older claimed they had no idea what they wanted to be in the future. It seems like the older we grow, the more we fear that we won’t recover from the cruel setback of having our dreams trampled on and snuffed out by reality. Hence, we dare not dream. Pushing them onto a certain path would be great, but I know that they have to seek their own dreams. Thus, I hope they will be able to find their direction in future and have something they are passionate about.

Being a youth leader this time was a good experience; I gained new insights into life, and managed to hone my ‘babysitting’ skills. Honestly, it was a miracle that I survived, given the additional things I was juggling outside. At times I thought I would fall ill (i.e. fever and all), as is usually the case when things get too hectic, but this time, I surprisingly did not. I am sure Master was helping us, supporting us and giving us increased energy to carry out all our activities, and I am grateful for that.

This journey has been a fascinating experience, and I look forward to the next chapter!

Meditation & Health #5 Contents