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I Realise I Can Be Successful

By Silvia Zhu, Vancouver

Starting from the day I stepped into Canadian Youth Elite Association (CYEA) of Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Centre, my world changed. The wheels of my life were rearranged and they started to move in a new direction.

I was a diffident, timid and nervous girl. This is something my parents, relatives, friends and I acknowledged. However, the label of being ‘shy and insecure’ was changed the moment I entered Bodhi Meditation and CYEA. From that day on, a brand new chapter of my life began.

I believe many of my peers would agree when I say that during the period when we were feeling lost, confused and despondent, CYEA was the beacon of light that led us out of darkness towards a future of hope and success, and that Master Nicolas has been our guide, leading us through tumultuous adolescent years. Master Nicolas is truly the best mentor I have ever encountered. In CYEA, Master Nicolas taught me that the key to success is learning how to manage yourself and manage your team. He equipped me with self-discipline and taught me that I have to actively create opportunities for myself, not wait passively for opportunities to come knocking on my door. This understanding, coupled with his encouragement, gave me the courage to cast aside my timidity and fear, and demonstrate my strengths in front of everyone; I could finally show everyone a new and different me.

In the process of growing up, I somehow lost myself. Standing at the crossroads of life, I had no thought of dreams or pursuits; I just drifted aimlessly as time passed me by. Master Nicolas’s words sobered me up when he told me what Grandmaster JinBodhi once said, “When you are doing something, you have to understand what you are doing, your motivations for doing it and how you intend to achieve it. You must have a goal in life and you must be tenacious in striving for your goals.” These words struck me to the core and I felt as though I suddenly woke up from the haze I was in. I realised then that my life is meaningful and that I cannot squander my life so pointlessly. Ever since then, I’ve learnt how to seize the day and to try to be the best that I can be.

Granted, I still feel sad and depressed sometimes, and the ups and downs of life still occasionally make me fearful of facing reality. But, whenever I recall Master Nicolas’s advice, I resolutely dry my tears, open my heart and bravely face the world with a smile because I know now that the ‘lows’ of life are essential experiences. I am thankful to have faced these setbacks and obstacles because only after going through them did I truly comprehend and appreciate how amazing life is. Even more so, I understand now that success is forged through countless hardships and persistent effort. Therefore, despite the various ups and downs of life, I will not give up on my dreams. I will not give up my determination to pursue success.

Additionally, Master Nicolas taught me how to properly understand and treat my parents. He also taught me how to calmly talk things out with my parents when we have differing opinions and conflict. I have changed. I am no longer defiant and rebellious. Instead, I am more considerate and thoughtful. For this, my parents are so very grateful to Master Nicolas. I believe that the current ‘me’ will not disappoint my parents, the people who have been caring for and educating me all these many years. I believe that I will live up to the expectations and trust of my relatives, friends and teachers. Together with the CYEA, I believe that our success is certain. We will resolutely walk towards success!

Honestly, the time I spent in CYEA with my friends was a time when I could smile sincerely and be myself without reservations. In CYEA, there is no deception, lies, comparisons or malice. Here, everyone has let me feel the warmth, acceptance and support of a family; whenever you are hurt or feeling down, there is definitely someone who comforts and advises you. CYEA is filled with touching tears of departure, warm applause for newcomers, solemnity while learning and laughter during interactions. CYEA brings together young people from all walks of life; brings together the future leaders and the elite. Whenever I see everyone in a heated discussion, sharing their experiences animatedly or scrambling to help others, I feel really happy and excited. Happy because I am surrounded by so many positive and helpful peers, and excited because I am surrounded by many strong competitors urging one another on. I look forward to the day when my CYEA companions will become strong pillars of society; a day when we can all smile proudly at our achievements!

Come on, Silvia! Come on, CYEA!

Meditation & Health #5 Contents