Meditation & Health #26 Contents


Trusting Enough Let Go




A man is walking near a cliff when he loses his footing on the gravelly earth. He slips down the cliff face, falling a short distance before managing to grab hold of a tree branch.

Gripping it with all his might while his life flashes before his eyes, the man is too terrified to look down. As the sky darkens, the desperate man screams at the top of his voice: “Help! Help me! Anyone out there?!”

Moments tick by, and the tree branch begins to give way. Just when the man is losing hope of being saved, he hears a calm voice calling. “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Have no fear, just let go of the branch.”

The man is silent for a minute. Then he screams even louder: “Is there anyone else who can help me?! Help!”

The passerby is aware that the cliff is just a few meters tall and the man’s feet are just a meter from the ground below.



Our distress, pain, darkness, and suffering stem from clinging to things. Letting go is necessary in order to experience the lightness of your being, and to release the fear, anxiety, worries, disappointments, resentment, and negativities that weigh you down.

When you let go, do not fear your vulnerability. When you embrace trust in the power of the Universe, you have the strength to release whatever you have been clinging to.

Trusting enough to let go allows you to be carried forward by the mysterious forces of life. By releasing your grip, you are liberated into the benevolent magical flow of the Universe.


Meditation & Health #26 Contents