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Free of Eczema Full of Confidence




I realized I had missed many exciting moments and life experiences due to my skin condition. From then on, I decided that I would face all obstacles bravely.

Severe eczema was at the root of my low self-esteem. I often avoided communicating with relatives and friends, and even with my own sister. It was after attending the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat which has helped me regain the self-confidence I had so badly lacked. I am now able to embrace my relatives and friends, and I am confident enough to speak in front of a crowd.

Living in Isolation

Genetic factors were involved in me having terribly sensitive skin from the time I was very young. I had to avoid seafood, soy products and dust. They would cause my neck, elbows and the skin on the joints of my legs to break out in itchy rashes. The itchiness was so acute that I would scratch till I bled. It was extremely painful when the broken skin came in contact with water.

I saw my doctor often, and he prescribed both oral and topical medications. They merely soothed the skin but could not cure the root of the condition. Itching kept me awake at night, so I was often fatigued during the day.

I was intensely distressed about my skin condition. Having to wear my short-sleeved, knee-length school uniform caused me great embarrassment. I would often pretend that I was sick in order to wear long sleeves and use a mask to cover my rashes. Doing class presentations caused me to tremble. I would also decline all class outings for fear of being asked about my condition.

Four years ago, when the eczema spread to my face, I isolated myself to an even greater extent. Unable to accept myself. I spent most of the time in my room. I was unwilling to get out even for a meal. I stayed away from guests and would not respond when they greeted me.

Turning Point

It was heart-wrenching for my mother to see me in that state. In an effort to help, she attended an 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat with me. This was the turning point of my life.

During one of the energy-blessing sessions, I cried uncontrollably and then all of the sudden, I vomited. I felt really sick. However, the next day I was especially energetic, happy and relaxed. Many told me that my face was not as red as before. After the retreat. my skin condition continued to improve. Several months later, I stopped my regular visits with the doctor.

During one of Grandmaster JinBodhi’s dharma teachings, he helped me realize there is no perfection in life. Master said. “Do not forsake the wonderful opportunities in life just because of our imperfection. No one is perfect in this world.” It seemed this message was meant for me. I realized I had missed many exciting moments and life experiences due to my skin condition. From then on. I decided that I would face all obstacles bravely.

On the final day of the retreat. I walked up to the front of the stage to share my story. This was a real breakthrough. Now I love sharing the benefits I received from the retreat with anyone and everyone, especially people who are suffering from severe skin disorders.

A Brand-New Me

The dramatic change in me surprised and heartened my mother. My sister was thrilled too. She used to think that I was very fragile. Though we were living under the same roof, we did not communicate. But after the retreat, she observed a gradual change in me. I do not cry or sulk easily, and now I share my secrets with her. She feels that I have become more confident and speak my mind, unlike in the past where I kept everything to myself. She prefers the sister she has now.

I am healthy, happy and full of confidence. I communicate easily with children and adults alike. School presentations no longer scare me — I speak eloquently in front of teachers and classmates. I have become independent and able to make my own decisions. Taking a leadership role is exciting now. Recently, I happily took charge of planning a school trip to Pulau Pangkor, Malaysia. 0

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.


Meditation & Health #26 Contents