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My Knees Stopped Hurting


By Chen Xiao Ping, Hong Kong
Translation by Sui Hunn


On an ordinary day 12 years ago, my left leg was struck by intense pain. I couldn’t move at all, let alone stand up. At the hospital, the doctor diagnosed me with a severely deteriorated kneecap. To my despair, I was confined to a wheelchair. After undergoing acupuncture and physiotherapy, and with the help of painkillers, I was able to walk with the support of a cane. A year later, my doctor suggested I do away with the cane to prevent reliance on it. Despite the terrible pain, I forced myself to walk without assistance.

Deterioration of Both Legs

Since my left leg was weak, I had to support myself with my right leg. Subsequently, my right kneecap weakened, and eventually my right leg was in a worse state than my left. My body tilted sideways whenever I walked up and down the stairs because I was unable to distribute my weight evenly. I moved at a snail’s pace, and was unable to walk for long.

Poor blood circulation made matters worse. My feet always felt as if they were immersed in icy water. My calf muscles frequently cramped up –– almost every night the painful spasms would jolt me awake. I was only 50 years old then. For many years to come, my search for a cure was fruitless and the situation continued to worsen. I felt lost.

I no longer tilted sideways when I walked up and down the stairs, and my pace was that of a healthy person. My feet began to warm up and now I rarely have leg cramps.

Step by Step

Stepping into Bodhi Meditation changed my life. I began my Energy Bagua practice in July 2016. Unless there were exceptional circumstances, I walked for an hour each day.

The deteriorated state of my knees made the practice a rigorous challenge. I suffered intense pain, my steps wobbled, and I could not walk in a straight line. Although I was disheartened to be struggling, I was inspired by the success stories of those who had begun practicing Energy Bagua before me. Under my teachers’ meticulous guidance and warm encouragement, I persevered through the pain.

After walking Energy Bagua for eight months, my efforts bore fruit. My knees stopped hurting. Since my legs had become stronger, they could bear my weight equally. I felt balanced for the first time in years. I no longer tilted sideways when I walked up and down the stairs, and my pace was that of a healthy person. My feet began to warm up and now I rarely have leg cramps.

Calm and Strong

Inspired to continue developing myself through practice, I enrolled in the Energy Bagua Foundation Class in March 2017. Having practiced Energy Bagua for almost a year, I had been under the impression that I had mastered the movements. However, during the intensive foundational training, I realized that I still had a lot to learn. After completing the class, I began to walk Energy Bagua with greater ease. My health has continued to improve.

There have also been positive inner changes that have come about through the practice. I have become more self-disciplined, and my mind is calmer. No longer do I erupt with anger or pointlessly argue with others. I am sincerely grateful to my teachers for their caring guidance. I am also grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi for his compassion in bringing Energy Bagua to everyone. I will continue to make my practice a cherished part of my life, and also do my utmost to spread the brilliance of Energy Bagua to as many people as possible.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.


Meditation & Health #26 Contents