Meditation & Health #25 Contents

Transforming Lives Through Outer Changes

A Dharma Teaching by Grandmaster JinBodhi

Compilation by Xiang Yun


All things on Earth exude their own unique energy. Our fortune, luck, health, character, and even fate also exhibit different kinds of light, color, form, sound, taste, manner, and rhythm. We need to examine and comprehend them so that we will have better control and understanding of our health and destiny.


Those who specialize in physiognomy can tell the state of health and destiny of a person based on physical postures and characteristics. The gaze, radiance of the complexion, the sounds of footsteps, the usual pace of walking, and the manner of speaking are telltale indicators of health and fate.

Shaking Off Wealth and Fortune

An ancient Chinese philosophy on finding a marriage partner went like this: If you are faced with marrying someone who constantly leans against the wall or doorframe and likes to sway, walk away — you’d be better off not having a partner. This kind of person is significantly lacking in calmness and steadiness.

Once, my master referred me to a mother of two in her 30s and told me that she usually leaned on her door. While conversing with people, she would shake or sway her body. The Chinese believe that this is indicative of shaking off the hard-earned money in the family. This woman’s household frequently experienced misfortune; after one family member had recovered from a sickness, another one met with an accident. After a long-awaited recovery, her younger brother stirred up trouble, and in the end, he needed to borrow from his sister to pay debts. Much of her husband’s modest income was spent on medical treatments and unnecessary payments.

I asked my master if such misfortunes were the results of this woman’s habit of shaking her body. My master answered that from the perspective of Buddhism, her behavior was an indication of being burned by karmic flames. She felt uneasy if she did not move because she had an unconscious sense of her feet being burned by the hot surface underneath. My master added that the nobility of a person’s life is revealed through bodily action and speech.

When we combine positive action with a vibrant appearance, we bring powerful energy that can effect change for ourselves and for future generations.

Dragging Responsibility

I know one practitioner whose trousers act like a broom. The ground on which he walks becomes clean as his trousers keep sweeping against it as he moves. This manner of dressing is lackadaisical and untidy, and it indicates one who always desires to gain more without contributing much effort. He is unclear in his action and purpose, and together with his overwhelmingly strong desires, these flaws lead to careless behavior.

People who drag their feet and dress sloppily lack responsibility. Only when there is pressing work that must be completed does this man do it, and for the sake of finishing it. He is unable to convince himself to do the task willingly and has no ambition to do a

job well. Dragging his feet when he walks has become habitual.

There is the possibility of transformation. Practicing Energy Bagua diligently for a month can rekindle a person’s ambition and sense of responsibility. A dramatic change is within reach.

Bright Colors Change One’s Nature

There are several ways to boost a young person’s self-confidence, and the self-esteem of those who suffer from melancholy. Although it may sound frivolous, a new hairstyle can boost one’s spirits. Make sure that if you have bangs, they don’t cover the eyebrows and eyes.Leaving some of the forehead uncovered will help you stay open to new ideas and consistently make changes for the better.

The attire of one with a depressed personality is usually dark blue, gray or black — dull, dark, heavy, and cold colors. Many motorcyclists in Western countries wear clothing studded with metal. The energy these garments emit is grave and gloomy. Some people wear clothing patterned with skull prints. Such clothing has an energy of death.

I have seen many young people in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore wearing T-shirts with skull prints on them. I realized that they were expressing their extreme desires through their clothing. They wanted to send a message: “I am a devil.” There are many youngsters who certainly do not agree with me. For some, their subconscious mind has an overpowering desire which is manifested through these negative images, and they are unaware that they are revealing their inner world.

How else do we change for the better? To have good health, happiness, joy, longevity and fortune, use positive images. We can opt for brighter clothing. Choose azure, green, pink, or floral prints. Bright color signifies a bright nature.

Wearing light makeup can uplift self-confidence. Take steps to make yourself feel strong and vibrant. Low self-confidence is extremely detrimental to the spirit. Take time to present yourself in the best possible light. A healthy and balanced state of mind is one which takes into account one’s outer presentation.

Accumulating merits is a powerful way of changing our fate. By helping those in need, making light-offerings to the Buddha, sculpting Buddha statues, making symbolic offerings to the Buddha, and sponsoring dedicated and compassionate spiritual practitioners in terms of monetary and material support, we will add to our merits. When we combine positive action with a vibrant appearance, we bring powerful energy that can effect change for ourselves and for future generations.


Meditation & Health #25 Contents