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Feel the Warmth

#cold hands and feet #irregular menstruation #general weakness

By Yi Xing, Malaysia

Translation by Sng Shu Fen


Since childhood my body was weak, and I especially feared the cold. I had to wear thick socks and long-sleeved clothing every day to protect myself from air-conditioning. My hands and feet were constantly icy cold as if they had been buried in snow.



Energy Bagua infuses my life with warmth and health.It was a nourishing light when I was lost in darkness.


Miserable Young Life

All my life I’d had to be very careful with my diet, avoiding foods that are cooling in nature such as ice cream, pears, cabbage, and white radish. Once I ate half a pear and as a result, I had major

digestive symptoms.

Doctors couldn’t help me. They could only say that my body constitution was weak, and advised me to take more tonics and supplements. My parents often made all kinds of nutritious soups and brewed medicinal herbs for me. Yet my condition did not improve. My menstrual cycle was very irregular. Sometimes I menstruated only once in two months. Despite my young age, my existence was similar to the life of a frail elderly person. I felt miserable.

Nourishing Warmth

In April 2015 I participated in an Energy Bagua event organized by Bodhi Meditation Centers in Malaysia. It involved a thousand practitioners walking together. Everyone was very excited that Grandmaster JinBodhi was at the event to share the principles of the practice. On that day, many people shared the benefits they had gained from practicing Energy Bagua. I was extremely inspired, and amazed that this easy-to-learn exercise could offer such profound benefits.

Master also mentioned that practicing Energy Bagua could help people whose hands and feet are constantly cold. His words gave me great confidence and I was inspired to complete the 108-day foundation course.

Prior to experiencing Energy Bagua, I never perspired when doing physical activity. To my surprise, I started to sweat only 10 minutes into the practice and felt very comfortable. After only a week of practice, my palms were significantly warmer. After the course, a blood clot was discharged during my menstruation.

I felt my body’s qi circulation could flow freely. From then on, my menstrual cycle normalized.

Waking up at 5 a.m. to practice Energy Bagua has become a daily routine. I perspire so much while practicing, which makes me feel relaxed and purified.

My limbs are no longer icy cold. Now I can wear short-sleeved blouses in an air-conditioned office. I can even eat pears, cabbages and white radishes. Occasionally, I treat myself to an ice cream.

Energy Bagua infuses my life with warmth and health. It was a nourishing light when I was lost in darkness. My hope is that people everywhere will benefit from Bodhi Meditation’s practices and find lasting warmth and profound wellness.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.

Meditation & Health #25 Contents