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Regaining Healthy Kidney Function

#kidney failure

By Shou Guan, United States

Translation by Qi Tao


Twenty-six years ago I suffered from kidney failure due to gout. The function of my kidneys deteriorated over time and I had to be on dialysis. I needed to manually operate the equipment for two hours every morning, and had to undergo dialysis for 10 hours every night. I often felt dizzy during the cumbersome process, and there was a risk of bacterial infection. If I went on a business trip,

I needed to return the same day for dialysis.


If I had known about Bodhi Meditation 20 years ago, I might not have had to undergo the painful process of dialysis and a kidney transplant.


Kidney Transplant Failed

Dialysis did not improve the condition of my kidneys. My doctor eventually suggested that I undergo a kidney transplant. In December 2006, after five years of dialysis treatment, a donor kidney was finally available. It was a successful operation. But after a week, my medical report showed that the serum creatinine index in the blood was 2.46 mg/dL. (Editor’s note: Creatinine value in the blood reflects the kidneys’ ability to filter. The higher the value of creatinine, the greater the renal dysfunction. For males, the normal value is between 0.8 and 1.2 mg/dL.) My doctor conducted further tests and found that I was still showing signs of kidney failure. He told me that the new organ could only function well for at most two years.

During that period, I tried various health methods in an attempt to extend the lifespan of my kidneys. My dietician suggested that I strictly control my diet. I weighed the amount of food I ate and checked the nutritional values thoroughly. For the sake of better health, I had to endure hunger at times.

My persistence paid off and my creatinine index improved to 2.0 mg/dL. For 10 years, my creatinine index was between 1.42 mg/dL and 1.56 mg/dL. I constantly worried that the creatinine index would rise again. Due to the kidney transplant, my body became very weak.

I frequently felt cold and got tired even when I did only minor work. As I was weak, I could not walk for long and often felt gloomy.

Diligent Practice Every Day

In March 2016 my friend introduced me to Bai Lian Bodhi Meditation Center. After about three months of practicing full prostration, Energy Bagua and The Meditation of Greater Illumination, I went for a medical checkup. My creatinine index had fallen to 1.37 mg/dL. It was incredible that there was such vast improvement within a short period. It was a dream come true.

I was filled with greater confidence. For several months I practiced for three to four hours before going to work and two hours after work.

In February 2017 I went for a blood test and the index was at 1.26 mg/dL, which is within the healthy range. My kidney function returned to normal in just seven months through practicing the various meditation methods. The effect has been more remarkable than that yielded by my 10 years of dieting and exercising.

If I had known about Bodhi Meditation 20 years ago, I might not have had to undergo the painful process of dialysis and a kidney transplant.

Now my body is strong and I do not feel cold easily. I feel energetic the entire day and need not strictly control the amount of food I eat as long as I keep to a healthy diet and exercise regularly. I am deeply grateful to Bodhi Meditation for the wonderful meditation practices it has brought me, which have given me the joy of good health.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.


Meditation & Health #25 Contents