Meditation & Health #25 Contents

Strengthening the Kidneys

By Belle & Dan Shan


Here are a few simple exercises that you can do at home, outdoors or even at work to keep your kidneys in good shape and functioning properly at everystage of life.


Massage your ears

Use your thumb and index finger to gently massage your ears. Do this a few times throughout the day.

Comb your hair

Spread your fingers and comb through your hair from the front to the back of your head till your scalpfeels warm.

Warm your lower back

Rub both palms together till they are warm and place them on your lower back for at least five minutes. This warms the kidneys. You may do this in a standing, sitting or lying position.

Raise your heels

Stand with feet together and shoulders completely relaxed. With teeth slightly clenched, raise your heels and lower them gently. Repeat several times.

Get moving

Exercise is key to kidney health. An hour of walking Energy Bagua daily aids blood and qi circulation and replenishes energy.


Everyday Beneficial Choices

Many people don’t realize that common habits may be the cause of kidney damage. Good health is the sum total of daily choices. Promote the health of your kidneys in the following ways:

Keep your feet warm

The kidney meridian runs from the outside of the little toes up to the kidneys. Protect the kidney energy by wearing socks or footwear. Do not walk barefoot on cold floors. Don’t place your feet near an air-conditioner or fan. For extra nourishment, soak your feet in warm water and give them a massage before bed.

Do not hold urine

Holding large amounts of urine puts great pressure on the bladder. Doing this on a regular basis may cause urine to backflow which inturn damages the kidneys.

Monitor blood sugar

Balanced blood sugar is a must for healthy kidneys. Eat regularly and reduce sweets. About half of diabetics develop kidney damage. If you have diabetes, work to keep your blood sugar under control and get your kidney function tested on a regular basis.

Check blood pressure

Many people are unaware that high blood pressure is the most common cause of kidney damage. When high blood pressure is combined with diabetes, high cholesterol or cardiovascular disease, it is particularly likely to contribute to damaged kidneys.

Limit over-the-counter meds

Regularly popping common drugs such as ibuprofen contributes to kidney damage and disease. Occasional use by a healthy person is unlikely to pose a danger, but if you are dealing with chronic pain, consult your healthcare practitioner to find alternative means of relief.

No smoking

Blood flow to the kidneys is hindered when a person is a smoker. Suboptimal blood flow impairs kidney function. Smoking also raises the risk of kidney cancer.

Hydrate yourself

Adequate water intake allows the kidneys to flush out toxins, urea and sodium. Drinking about two liters of water a day is a general rule, but fluid intake must be matched with climate, exercise habits, body size, and health conditions.

Manage emotions

Deep fear or panic affects the circulation of qi in the kidneys more than any other emotional state. Meditation is one of the best methods of calming the mind. When you are in a state of serenity and ease, your kidneys’ qi can flow smoothly.

The kidneys are responsible for filtering the blood flowing throughout the body. Blood enters the kidneys and they respond by eliminating waste and balancing the body’s fluids. Let’s exercise due care to strengthen them through daily good habits and eating healthy foods. Be sure to seek out regular medical screening too.


Meditation & Health #25 Contents